3 First Time Cruiser Tips

One in nine holidays sold in the UK in 2015 was a cruise holiday and if this getaway option has finally tempted you then please read below to find three essential tips.

Travel to/from the port:

Luggage logistics can be made easy, some might say luxurious.

You don’t have to carry your luggage with you.

You can send luggage ahead with luggage logistics specialists like Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes, a 5* luggage logistics firm in mainland Europe for over twenty years, they offer door to door and door to cabin luggage services.

There are other firms to choose from in the UK but it’s well worth reading reviews or getting a word of mouth recommendation.

For door to cabin the one way per item charge is normally around £40-£45. Outward and return journeys are easy to book and all that you need to do is affix the luggage labels the firm sends you to your luggage and ensure that it is securely locked.

Luggage isn’t accessed by the luggage logistics firm.

Couriers collect the luggage at an appointed time and as if by magic it will be on board when you embark. They’ll collect luggage, transport it and deliver to your door as arranged.

Don’t suffer from stress and aching muscles, send luggage ahead with experienced luggage logistics firms for peace of mind.

Dress code

It’s understandable that you want to look perfect as you walk on deck, dine on the finest cuisine and enjoy excursions but you can’t take three wardrobes on to the cruise ship so it’s best to have mix and match options that can be casual, smart casual plus evening dress or tuxedo suitable for evenings.

Your cruise documents should tell you the appropriate dress code for each time for every day. Days are normally casual and then you can see how dressed up you need to be for the evening.

Depending on the cruise line policy shorts and denim may not be permitted. Norwegian Cruise Lines allow jeans but there are many who won’t.

Cruise line excursions or brave adventures alone?

This is ultimately a question of confidence and the destination.

Perhaps as a first time cruiser it would be preferable to allow the cruise line to manage events and exploration so that you know 100% that when the ship leaves port you’ll be on it and not on the quayside watching it sail away.

Organised excursions include transport, meals and have an expert guide who can speak the language. They’re also responsible for ensuring you are back on the ship at the end of the excursion.

Independent arrangements tend to be slightly less expensive but you have the worries of watching the time and not getting lost.

Many cruise passengers enjoy a mixture of cruise line excursions and independent exploration.

Knowledge is power and the more assured you feel and the more advantages you afford yourself, the better your cruise experience will be. Enjoy every single moment on board and off the ship.