3 Most Reputable Traditional Markets in Yogyakarta for Shopping

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Yogyakarta is a city filled with a million attractiveness. In addition to beautiful natural attractions, great cultural excursions, and tasty culinary, Yogyakarta has preferred places to unwind in addition to shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs and other functions. There is not just a large mall that available in Yogyakarta, but also many traditional markets there. Along with their low rates, traditional markets are chosen because of their culinary options. Here is the list of traditional markets in Yogyakarta.

  1. Beringharjo

As the oldest and largest traditional marketplace, Beringharjo almost provides whatever visitors desire. Many call Beringharjo as the beautiful classic market in Java. Beringharjo, along with having historical ties with Kraton Jogja and Javanese culture, also became an icon of Jogja tourism in addition to Malioboro.

This market located in the southern end of the east side of Jalan Malioboro-Jalan A Yani. As you wander Malioboro Street towards the southwest, the Beringharjo Market is on the left side. The signal is rather simple when on the edge of the street began to observe a bunch of fruit retailers, retailers, accessories, and snacks, then that’s where Beringharjo is located.

  1. Malioboro

Malioboro is famous as one of the shopping center in Jogja, which is already very popular with tourists. Walking across Malioboro will surely make you wish to buy several goods which exist, which range from ethnic accessories, souvenirs of Jogja, paintings, and exciting shadow puppets.

Several pretty trinkets will surely make you more freedom to pick the desirable goods, remember to bid under the price provided to be able to get products at a lower price. Besides many different handicrafts and batik, you can also shop in contemporary shopping facilities that are located across Malioboro Street. Don’t forget to try out the night culinary inside this place too.

  1. Klithikan Pakuncen Market of Yogyakarta

Pasar Klithikan Pakuncen is popularly known as a heaven of used goods in Yogyakarta. Although currently split in a variety of places which also peddle used products, it appears Klithikan Market remains charming for fans of used products to store. Klithikan Market provides an assortment of used goods like motorcycle and auto parts, used clothing, cell phones, mobile phones are also available within this market.

This marketplace was initially only a peddle share of used goods but as the number of dealers increased, and the growth of people made this market not just full of stolen goods. Lots of new products are also provided in this market.