3 Vacations to Take With Your Family This Winter

The winter can seem to carry on forever as the daylight becomes shorter and the air gets colder. You spend more time inside the house wondering how much more Xbox your kids are going to play. It’s time to get your suitcases packed and ready for some family fun. There are a variety of places to venture to that let you explore their natural beauty, rich history, and so much adventure your kids will never miss their game console. Here are three great vacation spots to take your family to during the winter months.

The Hot Spot

One of the islands that make up Hawaii has a nickname that aptly describes its aesthetics. Kauai is called the Garden Island because of the endless rainforests, mountains, and lined with coconut palms. Spend one of your nights enjoying a luau under the stars on Poipu Beach. You and your kids can watch award winning hula dancers while you eat traditional Polynesian food. You may be able to witness one of 1,200 endangered monk seals popping up on the beach or a humpback whale.  Test your child’s spelling when spotting the state’s fish called humuhumunukunukuapuaa or reef triggerfish during a snorkeling outing. If you like keeping your feet on land, the Limahuli Botanical Gardens offers beautifully preserved rainforests and conservation of the breadfruit. Home to the Breadfruit Institute, you can learn about how this food source can be dined on at any maturation of the fruit from starchy french fry like treats to a creamy addition to desserts.

The Wolverine State

Nicknamed the wolverine state for the plentiful sightings of this animal, Michigan is no stranger to winter. If you and the kids don’t mind leaving your bathing suits behind, you can snow tube or ski down trails like Voodoo Mountain or Nose Dive. Family friendly teachers will help guide you and the kids how to ski. You can also take a class on making your very own snowshoes if you are in the DIY mood. The capital LAN150 offers your family a place to take the chill off while exploring the many aquatic animals at the Belle Isle Aquarium. Built in 1904 it was closed a century later only to reopen and become a popular place to visit. You can see their collection of air breathing fish like the arapaima, native to South America or all species in the world of gar fish. The family can then venture to Horrocks Farmers market where you can sample a free cup of coffee while the kids try some freshly made popcorn and other good eats. Lansing also takes pride in providing sensory friendly activities for families such as sensory friendly nights at the planetarium and local movie theatre. This includes services such as a lower noise level and lights on for the comfort of the facilities guests.

Life is a Peach

Georgia offers a variety of fun family-friendly activities to take part in. Mom and dad can kick back by sipping a freshly brewed can of beer at the JailHouse Brewery Company in Hampton. Once an actual jail, it operated for about 70 years before becoming a brewery in 2009. You can explore Henry County, Georgia outdoors even during the winter months. Local parks offer activities such as biking, hiking, and archery. The kids and you will love the night archery complete with glow in the dark arrows and bow. Some parks invite guests to tree climb with pulley systems and then enjoy the night sleeping under the stars. History buffs can find their way to the Heritage Park Veterans museum featuring a large collection of military memorabilia. Another military museum, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation contains a collection of aviation displays. Your family can book a helicopter ride thanks to an Army veteran, available to share their experience with you while you enjoy a relaxing ride over Henry County. End the day at one of a variety of family friendly restaurants. Watch your hand made pizza dough get tossed into the air as you choose from a selection of fresh toppings.