5 Good reasons to Visit Europe

In a leisurely lunch in Zermatt, Europe, on my small last day’s vacation, I’ve had time for you to review my bi weekly adventure. I have walked from my safe place and attended a location where multiple languages are spoken, diet are unique, train schedules should be deciphered and every day is planned around snow conditions and never each day planner.

My 5 favorite causes of visiting Europe relate to the culture:

  1. Food and eating is really a total experience, regardless if you are around town, the nation or on the mountain skiing. If weather permits (as well as whether it does not) you consume outdoors. Water is offered inside a bottle, without or with “gas” or bubbles, wines are enjoyed at any meal and pasta is located at each restaurant. Intend to spend no less than one hour eating and speaking. You aren’t rushed. Actually, when you’re prepared to leave you’ll have to flag your waiter lower and request the check.
  1. I have yet to locate anybody who’s overweight here. However eat massive levels of food (by my standard, that is skewed like me not 5 ft tall and do need to be cautious) they’re always walking, biking, skiing, hiking, MOVING. Granted, I’m in a ski resort in Zermatt but even just in Zurich individuals are on the go and in general, look tremendously healthy. You cannot help but wish to join them.
  1. That stated, chocolate is essential in Europe. On every corner you will find a loaves of bread or store with chocolate that you could smell before you decide to open the doorway. If possible, bring some home along with you to keep in mind the wonderful taste sensations.


  1. You cannot visit Europe and miss seeing and experiencing and enjoying the mountain tops. They’re regal. Many people come here to hike, some to ski and lots of to complete both. The ride in the mountain around the tram is breathtaking. If you’re lucky, you will notice mountain goats traveling around the rocks in which the snow continues to be blown off. A couple of brave souls is going to be hang gliding and the majority of us are examining the snow to determine when we ski around the groomed trails or perhaps in powder. What’s great about skiing at Zermatt is you can begin in Europe and become in Italia soon after unloading towards the top of the mountain. And, restaurants abound around the mountain, which means you stop when you really need to refuel.
  1. I’ve enjoyed the nation-wide train system. Having a Eurail pass, you can easily travel through the country, stopping within the villages just to walk via a castle, have a meal or just sightsee. The trains are spacious, clean, quiet as well as on time 99.9% of times. You are able to set your Swiss watch by them!

I’m most impressed with individuals the we met in Europe who is able to speak three or four languages. I barely managed to get through four years of french in senior high school despite great tries to discover the language. Everybody was gracious and prepared to allow us to.