5 places to discover in Indonesia

Southeast Asia is not only Thailand or Vietnam, but also Indonesia: a country with 13.000 islands with multitude of picturesque spots, amazing natural landscapes, a surprising culture and thousands of activities that will make your visit and unforgettable experience.

What can we discover with all inclusive holidays to India? In this post, we provide a list with 5 places you can’t miss. Either areas specially prepared to get relaxed and places where nature rules over all.


It is the jewel of the crown. Bali is a compulsory visit when we are on holidays in Indian Ocean. This area is a respectable competitor to other well-known touristic destinations such as Maldives or Seychelles thanks to its long beaches with fine sand.

These idyllic vacation landscapes are a big contrast with Hindu culture, which is really noticeable all around the island. In fact, we can easily find beautiful temples and other examples of tradition like local craftwork.

Sunda Islands

We just talked about one of the most famous vacation destinations all around the world, and now we do it about an unknown one. Sunda Islands are a group of islands shared by different Southeast Asian countries. This is the most unknown habitable area of the planet, so we can explore it with no crowds at all. This title that make it the perfect region for those who are adventurous.

Furthermore, in Sunda Islands we can find a great biodiversity that includes a wide range of the fauna and flora of this country. One example of that is the well-known Komodo dragon.


This is the island where the capital of this country, Jakarta, is placed. Java is the most populated island of the world and the one with the highest density of population in all Asia. It has a population of 145 million. Even though, Java has natural jewels such as impressive volcanos like Bromo, where we can enjoy a magical sunset.

In Java we can also find noticeable examples of Buddhist art such as Borobudur with a perfect giant Buddha with pyramid shape; or Prambanan, which is the biggest temple of the island.


New Guinea is one of the areas with greatest ethnic and linguistic wealth. In fact, we can find 834 different active languages. This characteristic, together with beautiful wetlands, savannah, and some of the biggest mangroves of the world make of this destination a unique trip far away from the typical beach resort.

In case this huge variety of landscapes is not enough for us, we can also find the highest cordillera of the area, placed between Himalaya and Andes with heights over 4000 meters. There, we find the biggest flower of the world, rafflesia, and the biggest azalea flower of the world, rhododendron.


At last but not least, Sumatra is the biggest island of Indonesia and the sixth of the world. There, a wide range of vegetal species and animals that compose a unique ecosystem that should be preserved. Some examples are Sumatra’s tiger, Sumatra’s orangutan or Sumatra’s rhinoceros.