5 Reasons You Should Vacation in The Maldives

The planet Earth is big enough that you could travel your whole life and probably still never see it all.  Of course, some parts of the world are probably more breathtaking and spectacular—and memorable—than others; so, if you had the chance, that is probably where you should look to special.

Like the tropics, for example.  Most people have a great desire to visit the tropics. Indeed, this can be a fanciful escape from busy city life.  The rolling tide; the wind through the trees, and the sand through your toes…

But which tropical island should you visit?  Well, if you ask an Only Exclusive Travel agent they might surprise you with a recommendation to the Maldives.Image result for 5 Reasons You Should Vacation in The Maldives

What is the Maldives?

That is probably what you are asking: what is the Maldives?  Well, the Republic of Maldives is a small, South Asian island country that lies just to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka, in the Indian Ocean.  The nation is actually made up of 26 atolls that span approximately 90,000 sq km.  

Why Should I the Maldives?

That is probably the second question you are asking:  Why should I go there?  That’s a great questions, considering all of the other tropical archipelagos you could visit. Well, here are five reasons :

  1. The Maldives is a Melting Pot: the local culture is a mix of Sinhalese, Arab, and South Indian influences (and that includes some of the most exotic cuisine that will ever delight your taste buds)
  2. The Maldives is secluded: Out of the 200 inhabited islands, roughly 90 are luxury resort destinations—and there is only one resort per island; Of course, each offers common spa indulgences as well
  3. The Maldives is breathtaking:  whether you like to commemorate your trips with impressive photos or you just want to lock something beautiful into memory, these islands do not disappoint (both above and below the water)
  4. the Maldives is the definition of Paradise:  Panoramic views of stunning crystal clear azure ocean and vast stretches of pristine sand make it easy to forget your troubles
  5. The Maldives is surprisingly affordable: while Maldives best resorts could cost a pretty penny you can also get a 2-3 star—full accommodations—villa in the capital city for stellar prices.  And you can fly there (from the US) for less than a ticket to Hong Kong.