5 Useful Things You Need To Know Before Planning Tours of Tuscany


Are you planning your first visit to Tuscany this summer? In this article, we have compiled a list of necessary things you need to know before coming to Italy. I have noticed these things during my first time visit to this place and tips from will certainly help you mentally prepare for your trip.

Forget all you know about Italian food

If you have a perception that you will find Cannoli everywhere, then remember that Italian food is a regional. This specialty is from Sicily. Make sure when you visit this place do not forget to eat a lot of it. Pastor with cream sauce is also available in some areas, but with different name.

As far as salads are concerned, you will find oil and balsamic vinegar along with salt and pepper with greens.

If you love cheese, you will certainly love Italy

You will be in heaven of cheeses same like France, which has many delicious cheeses. You will find fresh as well as seasoned varieties of cheese. You cannot compare this with what you find back home, so it is advised to take advantage of being in Italy and book your Tours of Tuscany through

When you are exploring Tuscany, make sure to eat lots of Pecorino cheese. They prepare it with sheep’s milk; it is available fresh as well as seasoned.

Do you love wine?

If you are a wine lover, then you will love this region because Tuscany has its own specialties. Taste the local wines of the places wherever you are. Every day you will discover something new and different that you never had contemplated before.

Pick pockets exist

If you think that everything will be fine, then remember that pickpockets do exist there. If you do not take care of yourself, then you may fall victim to it. Therefore, you need to pay a little more attention to your belongings while roaming. Pickpockets do their job at crowded tourist places. People who are using public transportation must take care. You may have to board a bus that is already full,then be extra careful about your wallet. Suppose if you have a backpack then bring it in front of you and zip all the pockets up.

Cappuccinos and espressos

You will easily find espressos as well as cappuccinos everywhere. If you love coffee, then good news is that you will find it everywhere.