7 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Travelling to new places, helps us learn about a lot of things in life. Most importantly, even a small holiday day can make us feel revived and relaxed. This is why people always try to pack their bags and go somewhere during the holiday season. Choosing a holiday destination and going ahead with the air ticket and hotel booking is the easier part. The tricky part is how to plan your holiday in the right way.

The preparation part really matters a lot. If you don’t pay attention to the details, you might end up making a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that can partially or even totally ruin your good mood. To help you out in this regard, we have created a list of 7 travel mistakes you need to stay away from. These mistakes are not just limited to your leisure travel plans, but they also encompass other forms of travel plans. So, go through them and be a smart traveller.

  1. Not buying travel insurance

This could be the biggest mistake you can make. When there are travel insurance policies available, not buying one for your travel plan can be a blunder. There are many things that might go wrong during your holiday trip. You may lose an important or valuable baggage; you might fall sick or get injured; you might lose your passport; etc. Most importantly, your family members will not have to feel worried in case anything bad happens during the trip. So, next time when you plan your holiday trip, do not forget to equip yourself and your family members with an effective travel insurance policy.

  1. Packing too much

It is understandable that you want to try out every piece of clothing during your trip. But, adding too many items to your luggage will make things difficult for you in the long run. Eventually, you will have to carry the heavy luggage. So, do not carry unnecessary items when going on a trip. It is always better to travel light. Also, make sure you have packed the right kind of clothing for your upcoming trip. In case you are travelling from hot to a cold climate, don’t forget to carry a few warm clothes with you.

  1. Uninsured air tickets

When you book air tickets online, you are always offered the option of covering your air ticket with an insurance policy. A lot of people tend to discard the policy from their ticket, just to save a few bucks. But, it can be a grave mistake, particularly if you are travelling abroad. We all know how expensive the air tickets of the international flights are. In case the flight gets cancelled, you will get a full refund of the booking amount. This is why having a travel insurance policy is so advantageous. Likewise, in case your baggage is lost during the transit, your loss will get covered by the policy.

  1. Not comparing hotel tariffs

Price comparison always helps when it comes to finding the best hotel deals. There are dozens of hotel booking websites available. When you compare the rates, you are able to choose the best option for your wallet. But, you must also make sure that there is no hidden cost associated with the final tariff. In case the room tariffs are really high, getting it insured would be a wise move. In case your trip gets cancelled due to some reason, you will get a full refund of the booking amount.

  1. Not checking your mobile phone plan

Almost every carrier these days provide roaming facility in other countries. But, before you start your journey, it would be better to check out the roaming data plans your carrier has. In case they are too expensive for you, it is better to find some other alternative. In some countries, it is easy to buy a local SIM card. So, weigh up your options before moving ahead.

  1. Over-packed itinerary

Nowadays, holiday trips can be customized as per your taste. When you customize and plan your itinerary, do not include too many things-to-do in the list. It will leave you tired and exhausted. You must make sure the itinerary offers a lot of time to relax as well. It would be better if you keep the schedule light if you have a flight to catch.

  1. Insufficient insurance coverage

Like we said above, having a travel insurance policy is essential. But, you also need to make sure the coverage amount is sufficient enough. Rather than saving a few fucks in the form of low premiums, it is better to buy a policy that covers almost everything, such as- air tickets, hotel room fare, your luggage, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation.

So, those were the 7 major mistakes that you must avoid. Keep them in mind, and you will definitely feel more relaxed during your next trip.