A Brief History of Hotels in Edmonton

There’s no denying that Edmonton is an excellent getaway for visitors from around the globe. This Canada’s Festival City is famous because of its carnivals, art shows, museums, large music concerts, and endless street parties. If you’re searching for accommodation, you’re in luck since there are a multitude of establishments, each supplying a unique variety of services.

Edmonton hotels are rated one of the better on the planet. Indeed, as the city’s attractions and shows are world famous, your accommodation industry has additionally been credited for attracting countless visitors each year.

An Outing through History

Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) states that for many visitors, the city’s exquisite establishments may appear like they will always be there but this isn’t the situation. To understand the phenomenal changes which have transformed early establishments into today’s best hotels you need to have a journey in history.

Listed here are a couple of stages which have enabled this modification:

  • Childhood:

Many people were settling around Edmonton to obtain a better existence. There is the gold hurry, which introduced much more people plus they needed accommodation urgently. Investors built wood presented facilities to satisfy the demand.


With increased wealth flowing in, brick and stone motels emerged. One of the earliest was House Hotel built-in 1876 from the log home. Jasper House Hotel emerged in 1882, while Strathcona on Whyte Avenue was built-in 1891.

  • Property Boom of 1907-14

There is more land readily available for development and during this time period, more establishments were created to look after growing figures of holiday makers and new settlers. Hotel McDonald was opened up in 1915 and even a number of other historic facilities emerged following this period.

  • Specialization

With Edmonton being a major economic center in Alberta with oil being discovered within the 1940s, there is requirement for better facilities. Different investors were trooping towards the city plus they needed specialized accommodation. This brought to growth and development of budget facilities which catered for most of us. High-finish facilities were also being designed to look after influential visitors around town. This era saw the introduction of most luxurious suites due to high finish clients.

Obviously there’s a lot more to do and see around town. One factor is without a doubt though, there’s no dull moment around town. Discover what the town provides through their hotels and relish the better of Edmonton