A Quick Guide To Visiting TCI For The First Time

So, a visit to white beaches, pure blue seas, gentle rolling waves and plenty of sun. It all sounds a little too good to be true until you discover the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We all love to be better informed about the world, and TCI is a hidden gem.

The 40 islands are just over 500 miles from Miami, FL, USA. Out of these islands, they have secured #1 island in the world, Providenciales, and #2 beach in the world, Grace Bay Beach. They aren’t far from the Bahamas, either.

The cluster of islands are a mix and match of nations and their input. There is Commonwealth government structure, American currency, and a whole mix and match of culture, values and custom from the Caribbean.


There are general food shops, where you can buy necessities, but the real highlight of dining in TCI are the restaurants. There are many restaurants that specialise in top quality food, wonderful scenery and a great experience. A local delicacy is Conch, of which there are many ways to have it prepared. 2 common ways of eating Conch in TCI are salads and Conch fritters; both of which are very popular and recognised as a local delicacy.

There are many places that serve Caribbean inspired food, but there are some that serve alternate nations foods, so make sure to investigate and see what you can find!

There are some tips for dining etiquette, in that it is standard to tip at 15% for services, and that although restaurants may have a dress code, they are often moderately relaxed.

To get a better idea of what their restaurants have to offer, check out Coconut Grove here.


There are many wonderful sights to see, gorgeous beaches, idyllic walks to take, watersports to enjoy, even golf courses! The beauty of TCI is that it can all be transformed into one big adventure, it provides utter freedom to explore and roam at will.

The local wildlife differs greatly to that of the rest of the world, and there are picturesque locations all across the 40 islands.


There are a great many resorts across the islands, and only a handful of the islands are actually inhabited. The resorts are all situated in gorgeous areas, and depending upon which one is chosen, they can be central and very well connected; close to major roads, food shops and restaurants.

Many resorts also have their own restaurants, and if booked in an all inclusive deal, many different aspects of the journey and stay will be covered. Food can be expensive if travellers aren’t careful, but with pre-planning and all inclusives it can significantly help.

After asking Beach House about accommodation in TCI, they said “There are a good amount of resorts here, each resort is different, and has much to offer. Many of the resorts make fantastic wedding and honeymoon destinations, with a huge choice in rooms and facilities.”


There are some things you should know, before you go. There are several quirky things about TCI that make it interesting, and here a few of them.

Although TCI is governed through British power, American currency, the Dollar, is used.

However, just because they use American currency doesn’t necessarily mean that they drive on the same side of the road as them. They actually drive on the left, in keeping with Britain.

Speaking of cars, it can be quite common to rent a small car from many of the local car rental agencies. It is rather cost effective and can be very convenient.

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and sunblock before you go! What do you particularly love about staying in TCI, if you’ve been before? Make sure to share your experiences from your travels!