Best Places You Should Visit by Car in Calgary

Calgary is a city of cowboys and Indians, the cleanest city on the planet. It is located in Canada, occupying the 31st place in terms of living standards among the 130 largest cities in the world. This is the place where people of different nationalities live. It became famous after the 1988 Olympics.

If you decided to travel across the city by car, you certainly need the list of top must visited places and sights of Calgary.

ЕheBaitun-Nur Mosque is the first thing you should see here. It is the largest mosque in the whole of North America, belonging to the Ahmadis Muslim community. The mosque is estimated at $ 16,000,000! More than 1,600 parishioners gather here for the Friday Prayer and is open to all people. People say that you cannot say you were in Calgary if you did not see this stunning mosque!

Famous for its hospitality and impregnated with the spirit of the “Wild West”, Calgary will offer you a lot of entertainment all year round. Lovers of horses should see an annual rodeo Calgary Stampede and Exhibition: parades, performances, competitions take place within 10 days starting from the second week of July. Professionals and amateurs should be at least 8 seconds on the back of an unridden horse, tame a wild mustang or in 10 seconds throw a lasso on the bull.

Go to the Heritage Park that is one of the largest historic residential villages in North America. It is located on 66 acres, in the Glenmore reservoir area. The list of attractions includes a working steam engine, 155 historical exhibits; there is a bakery and a pastry shop, an old-fashioned amusement park and various attractions. In addition, you have the opportunity to ride a wheeled boat.

Uniting under one roof a museum, art gallery, library and archives, the Glenbow Museum is the owner of over one million artifacts of cultural and historical value, and has 28,000 works of art in its extensive collections. Moreover, it is one of the largest museums in Canada.Among the exhibits there are collections of works of art, medieval armor, ornaments and even samurai swords – the topics of the collections are rather different. The museum demonstrates interesting exhibitions and cultural events.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, located next to Brooks (that is two-hour drive west of Calgary) will be interesting for both children and adults. The park occupies 73 square kilometers and is one of the best places in the world where there are fossil remains of dinosaurs. Very unusual and breathtaking place!

Along with the modern skyscrapers, there are unique historical monuments, museums and galleries. Guests of the city will be interested in visiting the Calgary Science Center, being one of the world’s largest interactive museums. There are 35 rooms in the center, each of which is dedicated to a certain topic. The most interesting among the others is considered the Discovery Hall. Nearby is the Planetarium. For children every day excursions and performances are organized, telling about the feature of our planet and its development.

Take a tour to the Canada Olympic Park famous for the Olympic Games of 1988. The excursion offers a visit to the springboard, four skiing tracks available for you in winter, and a thematic museum. Places such as Half Pipe and the railway park are attended by some famous skiers and snowboarders.

While hiring a car for the trip it is recommended to choose car rental in Calgary, better in the airport. Travel with comfort and have a good pastime!