Best Weekend Getaways That’ll Provoke Your Wanderlust

There’s nothing like getting away for a weekend. In fact, research shows that individuals who take a weekend getaway are less stressed and more creative when they return than those who rarely go on vacation. It’s a great way to fight the workplace burnout.

Even if you only have a weekend to escape, you can still have a great time and experience new things, as long as you choose fun destinations. Here are some places with enough activities to keep you busy all weekend long.

Surf the waves at Waikiki Beach.

There’s nothing like an opportunity to surf Hawaii beaches. The waves are unparalleled, and professional surfers often find themselves drawn to the Waikiki shoreline. The beaches and tropical inland are also great for exploring and sunbathing.

Even if you’ve never been surfing, learning it is fairly easy. Waikiki beach has fabulous instructors, waiting for anxious beginners to drop in. So you shouldn’t have a problem picking the sport up if you really want to learn. If you’re unsure, you can start with boogie boarding, which is a simpler version of surfing.

Soak up the sun on the East Coast.

If you haven’t been to the East Coast, you have to go. The Atlantic Ocean stretches from the bottom of Florida’s Keys to the tip of Maine. While the climate will differ based on where you visit, the gorgeous, crystal blue water is the same up and down the coast.

If you live closer to the south, check out Florida’s beaches. You’ll find incredible places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast, including remote islands with stretches of white sand and beautiful palm trees.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Tybee Beach, Georgia, are also beautiful East Coast destinations you won’t regret visiting. You’ll get to see new land and get a suntan while you’re at it.

Head north to see the Big Apple.

Another must-see East Coast destination is New York City. Nicknamed the Big Apple, this all-American city is the largest in the country and the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass, and it sports fanciful sights throughout. Take a tour around the Statue of Liberty, ride to the top of the Empire State Building, see a show on Broadway, and get your picture in Times Square.

Many people don’t realize it, but the cost of the flight and airport parking in Newark, NJ is usually cheaper than JFK. Plus, it’s just a $13 train ride to Penn Station in NYC. Try booking your flight there next time and save.

Catch a race in Mooresville, North Carolina.

North Carolina is all about racing, and Mooresville is a hub of activity for racers, particularly those in the auto industry. It’s home to the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, as well, so you can enjoy the history of hall-of-famers in the deep south.

There are more attractions in Mooresville, NC than racing, however. One of the most popular tourists destinations is the Lazy 5 Ranch, a beautiful nature and wildlife area that dominates the city. There are also go-karts, escape room games, and a museum focusing on racing to visit in the area.

Get cozy camping at an RV park in North Bend, Oregon.

You haven’t seen true Pacific Northwest beauty unless you’ve been to North Bend, Oregon. This small town is a recreationalists paradise with gorgeous ocean views, mountainous hiking trails, and excellent camping.

If you own an RV and enjoy camping, visit North Bend. There are several parks perfect for RV camping while you enjoy beautiful Coos Bay. There’s also a great maritime museum worth visiting while you’re there, along with a local casino.

Your next weekend getaway can be as simple as selecting a drool-worthy destination and booking your transportation. You owe it to yourself to take a weekend vacation to de-stress and prepare for the work week ahead!