Don’t Forget to Have Breakfast at Le St Sulpice Hotel’s Restaurant Sinclair

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Montreal’s

Restaurant Sinclair, it may also be the most flavorful.


At Restaurant Sinclair, you can always choose from a few simple, standard options:

    • CONTINENTAL—a basket of assorted danishes and muffins served with sliced fruit, assorted Quebec cheeses, yogurt, and cereal along with juice, coffee, or tea
    • CANADIAN—a heartier, Canadian style plate with 2 eggs served any style, along with bacon, ham, smoked sausages, roasted potatoes, and toast; of course, also served with coffee, tea, or juice
    • HEALTH—for a healthier option, this plate offers fresh sliced fruit with cottage cheese, a poached egg, and a beverage selectionImage result for Don't Forget to Have Breakfast at Le St Sulpice Hotel's Restaurant Sinclair


Of course, it wouldn’t be right to only offer the simple, practical breakfast options. Indeed, at Restaurant Sinclair you might prefer something a little more finely-prepared:

    • Eggs Benedict with smoked ham on an English muffin served with roasted potatoes and a “Mornay” sauce
    • An Omega-3 egg omelet served with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, and a toasted baguette
    • crepe-style “Sinclair pancakes” with fresh sliced banana and a melted Nutella-style chocolate
    • Alla Toscana tartine with Tuscan-style bread, a pair of sunny-side up eggs, tomato jam, prosciutto chips, and shredded basil leaves
    • A smoked salmon & bagel chip Napolean served with sour cream, dill, and Spanish capers
    • Brioche French toast with maple, Chantilly cream, and custard
    • Fresh, daily fruit cup served with plain yogurt and granola, with local, organic honey


Sometimes you don’t find exactly what you want in the full-sized dishes of any restaurant. Or maybe you had something substantial yesterday and just need something small and simple today. Perhaps you are planning to indulge later in the day and just want a couple bites in the morning to get the day started.  

    • Toasted French baguette with butter and jam
    • seasonal fruit salad
    • a selection of cereals
    • cup of oatmeal served with hot milk
    • a Montreal toasted bagel served with cream cheese
    • Plain yogurt or cottage cheese trifle, served in a glass, of course
    • European danish/pastry basket

You may also wish to add a beverage to your breakfast:

    • coffee or tea or herbal tea
    • choice of juice (apple, cranberry, grapefruit, orange)
    • espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, mocha (et al)