Enjoy the Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai has some of the most spectacular man-made attractions in the world. If you haven’t got Dubai on your tour list, then you are probably missing out on the adventure of a lifetime. Dubai has progressed into a mega structure over the past decade, but there remain some natural attractions in the Arabian land. The best natural attraction in Dubai is the adventurous desert safari. Desert safari in Dubai should be on the list of any adventure craver. The rising sand dunes in the glowing sun are a scene which one cannot miss as well as the thrilling sports that come with it.

Hummer Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Desert Safari is particularly known for its dune bashing activity. Dune bashing is a ride in either a Hummer or a Land Cruiser into the rising and falling sand which feels like a roller coaster ride. This activity can be best experienced in the hummer desert safari dubai. Desert safari is said to be the best time to experience the sand bashing as the desert is at its peak in the morning and later on. The golden aura of the desert is much more appreciated and visible in the morning desert safari. Now you must be thinking as to how you can avail this opportunity? No need to worry, We has one of the finest trained drivers to take you to the Safari. Just grab your tickets for desert safari dubai and get ready for the best tour of your life. We provide you full protocol and services from picking up you at your hotel to dropping you back there including everything in between.Image result for Enjoy the Hummer Desert Safari in Dubai

Special Features of Hummer Desert Safari

After the bashing, you can enjoy camel riding through the desert experiencing it like the old times. After the riding, you can ride bikes, motorcycles and even boards are available to ride the sand waves. After all the tiring activities you can enjoy a refreshing meal at the desert camp where you can feel like Arabian Lords enjoying pipes and belly dancers.

Dubai is considered as the land of the lords in a literary sense as well as it is marked as one of the most luxurious places in the world. If you have the remarkable opportunity of visiting this city, then you might want to leave the beaches and buildings for a change as the golden desert will lure you in for a wild experience.

Desert safari in Dubai offers both the morning and the evening packages, but tourists recommend the best time to enjoy the real desert is in the morning. The morning spirit is always high, and it’s high time for riders and adventurers to enjoy the desert and its wilderness at its peak. Most people might question the safety parameters for desert safari.

No need to worry about anything as the desert safari is completely safe. The hummers and cruisers which are used for dune bashing are in the hands of licensed and trained drivers. So just hit back on your comfy seats and enjoy the ride.