Experience an Amazing Wine Tour in Tuscany

Tuscany is known for its vineyards as well as its world-renowned wines.  Many of the wine tours in Tuscany include a glimpse of the wine cellars and the secrets that they hold.  The wine that matures in these cellars tells the tale of time as it sits until it has reached the proper color, fragrant smell, and taste.  

Here are three of the best areas to visit for an amazing wine tour in Tuscany:


This is the one region that everyone automatically thinks of when they hear the words wine and Tuscany.  Most people do not realize that the Tuscany region is much larger than this area.  All Chianti wines are made with at least eighty percent Sangiovese and have a ruby red color.  As guests go to drink their first glass, they will be rewarded with the aroma of cherries, violets, and a hint of wild herbs and spices.  Their first taste will take them to heaven and back again before they decide that they need to cherish every delicious drop while looking out over the magnificent landscape.  


Montepulciano is in the southern Tuscany region and the wine that is produced in this area is a classic red wine that becomes richer and bolder as it continues to age.  This maroon-red colored wine offers an aroma of dark cherry and plum that guests will absolutely love.  Everyone is encouraged to seek out the bottega and tour the hidden crypts before having their first glass of wine.  


This area of Tuscany did not become famous as a wine region until the 1960s, yet they have made a lot of progress since that time.  The climate, soil, altitude, and the presence of water in Bolgheri has helped create high quality wines.  The wines in this area are quite unique, because they are not made from the local Sangiovese.  Instead, they have an international profile filled with the aroma of berries as well as Mediterranean maquis and oak.  The two most expensive wines in the world, the Bolgheri Sassicaia and the Masseto Ornellaia, are made here.

No one can vacation in Italy and not go on at least one wine tour in Tuscany.  If anyone did miss out on this experience, they would regret it every time they opened a bottle of wine in the future.  A wine tour in Tuscany can teach a person many things about the taste, smell, and appearance of any wine.  Anyone who needs help choosing the perfect wine tour can always visit Route Perfect and see their recommendations.