Explore 5 Quirky Attractions In Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its diverse culture, eclectic dining choices, and breathtaking street art. By virtue of it being the second most populous city in Australia, there is no shortage of amazing things to do. Melbourne is constantly on the list of the best city to live in. There are several quirky things that make Melbourne an exciting place to visit, and it is very easy to move around the city by bus charter, so you have no excuse to  miss all the fun! The 5 quirky attractions in Melbourne you can’t afford to miss are:

Old Melbourne Gaol

The information and artefacts in the Old Melbourne Gaol are a walk back into time. The Melbourne Gaol was built back in 1839 and housed all sorts of individuals, from murderers to children labelled as lazy bones. More than 100 hangings are said to have been held in this famous prison. The jail was shut down in 1929 after it became uninhabitable due to poor living conditions. In 1957, it became a museum. If you are interested in gory history, then this is for you.

The Haunted Bookshop

The Haunted Bookshop will no doubt give you the creeps. It boasts of books on the occult. The topics range from witchcraft, magic, satanism, ghosts, tarots, divination, aliens, vampires, among others. For 20 years, the bookshop’s owner and an Australian television presenter have been doing the spooky business of giving personal tours. The television presenter, Drew Sinton’s research on Australia and ghosts has been running for more than 30 years. He received a recommendation from the Melbourne Lord Mayor.

Fruit Bats of Yarra Bend Park

After visiting the Haunted Bookshop and reading up on vampires, visiting Yarra Bend Park might leave you even more spooked. Bats are commonplace in Australia, but the sight of over 30,000 bats offers an amazing experience. The bats roost during the day and fly out at night in a huge wave to feed on nectar, fruit, and pollen of the Eucalyptus. The banks of the Yarra River are the best vantage points to view this strange phenomenon. These bats are quite large in size, with wings spanning a little over three feet. They are loved and feared in equal measure and are top on the list of endangered species.

Fairies Tree

The Fairies tree trunk appeals both to the young and young at heart. It was created by Ola Cohn, who authored children’s books and loved sculpting. To celebrate Victoria’s 100th-year anniversary, she sculpted creatures onto a tree stump in Fitzroy Garden. All sorts of creatures are sculpted on the stump, including fairies, gnomes, dwarves, koalas, flying foxes, and many other creatures.

Captain Cook’s Cottage

Captain Cook; the famed British explorer’s cottage was shipped in cases and barrels and reassembled. The cottage was a gift to the Australian people by a philanthropist Russell Grimwade. The cottage has ivy growing all over it, shipped from Yorkshire. The guides are friendly and make the visit worthwhile, as does the tiny museum in a smaller building at the back. The museum features the exciting adventures of Captain Cook in pictures, videos, and maps. The visit is definitely worthwhile and not to be missed.