Explore New Zealand with a Beautiful Motorhome

Traveling by motorhome is a fun way to experience New Zealand with family or friends. Motorhomes offer the chance for the customer to drive a route of their choosing, to stop whenever they want for breaks, and to visit sites of their choice. One of the most important decisions to be made with this adventure is to pick the right hire company.

Partnering with the right facility makes a road trip less stressful and more enjoyable. A motorhome hire in New Zealand offers features such as gas stoves, a toilet, a shower, and air conditioning in the driver’s cabin. Individual companies can provide child restraints as well, ensuring safety for the entire family during the trip. Others include a free airport transport as part of their services. Each facility is different, and shopping around for the best value is an excellent way to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Driving Requirements

A non-provisional, valid driver’s licence must be presented to the hire company by each person who wishes to drive the motorhome. Most hire businesses in New Zealand require the driver’s licence to be in English; otherwise, a certified translation must be presented with the foreign driver’s licence. This presentation typically takes place when picking up the motorhome before starting a trip. Certain companies request drivers be at least 21 years old to drive a motorhome.

Caravan Parks

Although New Zealand offers no shortage of beautiful destinations, caravan parks are one of the ideal places to spend the night. These travel-centric rest stops provide charging stations for electronics, showers, toilets, and laundry facilities. Most caravan parks are located near picturesque towns, so exploring new areas of New Zealand can continue even during a driving break. There is a community feel to these parks, and they offer recreational activities to campers who are visiting. The price per night varies, so be sure to investigate before starting the drive.

Individual parks offer unique features that are worth putting on any traveller’s “must see” list. Carters Beach TOP10 Holiday Park offers a nearby rainforest in addition to the infamous Buller Gorge, a Cape Foulwind Seal Colony. Kaikoura Peketa Beach Holiday Park entices its guests with whale watching and dolphin encounter tours. Te Anau Kiwi Holiday Park lets visitors feed the ducks and investigate the native birds in the area. Different caravan parks provide various opportunities, which is why studying before the trip is necessary.

The Perfect Scene

Picking an idyllic route will also contribute to the overall experience of traveling through New Zealand. The Lost World Highway goes through dense forests, the north island’s highest waterfalls, and the mountain Taranaki. The East Cape provides great views of Maori sculptures and curvy roads to enjoy the black sand beaches. The south island’s west coast passes through Arthur’s Pass National Park and many blue glacial rivers.

Regardless of the route you take or the stops along the way, driving a motorhome is the most intimate way to explore New Zealand. It allows the freedom to stay, explore, and camp at will. This freedom is preferable for adventurous travellers who are often bored by guided tours and following someone else’s itinerary. Budgeting and partnering with the right hire facility ensures that this trip is going to be memorable.