Explore These 3 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in Texas

Texas in the spring is a perfect place to visit and check out one of the many botanical gardens that populate the Lone Star State. From friendly succulents to freaky corpse flowers and even whimsical shrub decorations, Texas has plenty of reasons to pop a Claritin and traipse down an enchanted path. The options across the state vary in size, price, and diversity of species, but each one packs a fragrant invitation to serenity and contemplation. So, if you are interested in taking a break from the city grind, consider a trip to these gardens.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden

This 38-acre botanical garden is a pop of color in a city famous for the Alamo and its River Walk. The garden boasts a Texas Native Trail where visitors can find 250 plant species local to the ecosystems of Texas like Possum Haw and Blanco crabapple. The 11-acre trail is an excellent way to get acquainted with the regional topography.

Furthermore, the Lucile Halsell Conservatory houses plants from around the world. Within the exhibit rooms, guests are treated to rainforest varieties like orchids and bromeliads, but you will also find rarer forms of plant life not usually seen in North America like Cycad and Rubber Trees. The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a must-see for those interested in native Texas flora. The garden also has year-round events with excellent food, wine, music, and great ambiance. San Antonio Botanic Gardens is certainly a hidden gem to keep in mind if you stop by the bustling “Alamo City.”

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens

The city of Amarillo is a vibrant and creative gem in the Texas Panhandle, as is the city’s garden. This horticulture playground is host to pollinating butterflies and bees along with a newly opened attraction, the Dusty McGuire Japanese Garden. It features a tea house and a re-circulating pond with a shimmering waterfall full of beautiful koi and meandering goldfish.

Travelers looking to take in all that Amarillo has to offer will find numerous hotels with great rates as low as $26 per night not far from the gardens. You can also find good deals near other attractions like the Cadillac Ranch or Palo Duro Canyon. Also, for travelers with children, check out Wonderland Park for thrills and fun everyone can enjoy.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

No list of Texas botanical gardens is complete without the majestic beauty of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. The oldest in Texas, it is home to more than 2,500 species and 23 specially-curated gardens. A crowd favorite at the location is the romantic Rose Garden, with its panoramic views of the Reflecting Pond and occasional visits from turtles who travel across the scenic Palo Pinto sandstone walkways.

George Eliot said, “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees.” Eliot’s wisdom is not lost on the great state of Texas. Travelers will find spring blooming with color, peace, and plenty of fresh air.