Five Pointers to Choose the Right Travel Agent

After months of slogging at work and following the chores of life, there is immense excitement in planning the yearly vacation. If you are a family man, planning your holidays is more than important, because you need to ensure safety, comfort and fun for young and old alike. Of course, you can pretty much plan everything on your own, but a travel package is a great way to save money. A simple check on Google will give you a list of travel agents and portals, but how do you choose one? Check these five points to pick a travel agent.


  1. First and foremost, start with the background of the concerned travel portal. A company should be licensed and bonded, and they must have a website to cater to customer needs. As a traveler, you need to be assured about getting the best deals without compromising on the standard of services. Check the kind of assistance offered by a travel agent in advance.
  2. Only a few services like Sunway Holidays are good at offering global packages. Most of the agents have a range of destinations in their services, which should be wide enough to offer choices. For example, if you have traveled to Greece last year with a particular service, you may want to check a destination in Asia for the next vacation.
  3. Check the kind of deals offered by a service. Some travel agents only deal in all-inclusive packages, while others may offer options stay-only deals and specialized rental choices. Confirm with the concerned service if the prices shown on their portal is the best you can get. Usually, the costs of each package changes with change in flight charges and hotel rates, so it is always a good idea to book as early as possible.
  4. Travel agents need to offer assured bookings. Ask a few questions in this regard. How will you deal with flight delays? Do I get extra choices for resorts and hotels? In case I want to cancel a booking at the last minute, what are the cancellation charges?
  5. Finally, does the agent offer insurance? While insurance isn’t compulsory, it is important that you check with the concerned service for choices. Travel insurance, based on the cover, can help you in recovering costs and expenses for varied mishaps, include loss of luggage and unexpected flight delays.

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