Get ready for new adventures! Have a stag weekend in Sofia

The wedding is on its way. It’s cool to spend your time with your friends doing a lot of fun things. If you are planning to have a stag weekend, here are some ideas that can make you happy.

Celebrate with your friends!

It’s time to celebrate and feel free! If you want to travel in a new country and see some beautiful views you should know that Sofia is a perfect place. There you will find what you’re looking for. You’ll feel like you belong there.

Why Sofia?

Not everything is expensive in life. You should know that the largest city of Bulgaria is one of the cheapest spots in Europe.

Even is affordable, doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun there or it doesn’t provide you too much to see and feel. This stag destination has a dynamic nightlife and surprises you with its mix of cultures and styles. You will discover new experiences and you’ll have a great time!

What activities can you do for a stag weekend?

  • Trampoline Park – Dodgeball

You’ll play the game of trampolines and have a lot of fun. You will jump and fly in all directions, you’ll have to dodge the ball and hit it back to score points against the opposing team.

  • Escape Room

It’s always better to work in a team than on your own. You’ll have to solve the hidden puzzles and find out how to escape.

  • Spa & Massage

Everyone needs some moments to relax and to feel amazing. Who says that only ladies are allowed to indulge?

  • Zorbing

Zorbing is a sport in which a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground or down hills. It is often called Orbing or Sphereing.

  • Laser Tag

Who doesn’t like to play Laser Tag to make his inner child happy again? Play this game with your mates and you’ll feel like you’re in the 90s.

  • Cocktail Tour

There are some lovely local guides who can show you where are the best coolest joints in town. There are many varieties of creative concoctions made by expert mixologists. Pick everything you want and you’ll never regret.

  • Club Tour

It’s nice to see new places especially when you are searching for the perfect spot for a stag party. You’ll be amazed by the energizing Sofia’s nightclub scene and you’ll remain with beautiful memories.

  • Bulgarian Traditional Meal

You’ll have to taste traditional dishes of Bulgarian cuisine and enjoy the meals. Why not choosing something that makes them proud of themselves?

  • Strip Club Entry

You can spend your time with your friends enjoying some striptease shows with hot girls.

This could be one of must do activities for a stag weekend in Sofia.

  • Night Skiing

Don’t you feel the excitement? This could be another way to spend one of your stag nights out in the capital of Bulgaria. You will be skiing on an illuminated ski run under the stars.