Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Plan Your Budapest Hen Do Right Now

Many years have passed since Cyndi Lauper launched this song, but the truth is the same: Girls just want to have fun!

And we’re not speaking about your usual Friday evening kind of fun, but about your hen do. Yes, that beautiful and crazy party you and your best girlfriends you’re about to experience before your wedding. The boys are about to plan their stag do, with booze, football, strippers and God know what, so why shouldn’t you enjoy the same experience?

I’m going to let you on a little secret, my dear reader, because, you see, I was in your shoes a couple of years ago. No idea what to do for my hen party. And when I say no idea I mean it: me and the girls had no clue what to do except go clubbing or going to a male strip show.

But we chose a hen do in Budapest!

How come?

Well, you’re about to find out!

How Did I Choose Budapest for My Hen Do?

Well, you see, I said I was in your shoes 2 years ago, because I was about to get married, the party was all booked and the guests invited, the cake ordered and the food tasted. All was prepared for me and Will’s perfect night, aside from our two bachelor parties: the stag do and the hen do.

Will and I planned to do a “hag party”, the one where both the groom and the bride attend alongside their friends. But then we thought: “that’s kind of the marriage party with more booze and without the tux and the bride’s dress”.

So, we decided to do it separately. A stag do and a hen do, with his mates and I with my girls.

There was a problem, though. We wanted it to be special, so we didn’t know where to go and what to do. Simply drinking and dancing, and laughing off for a night wasn’t exactly what we had in our minds, so we decided we needed help.

Long story short, we searched the web, we found a special company, stag do and hen do planners, basically, Willy went for a Bucharest stag weekend and me and the girls decided for a Budapest hen do.

And that was the best possible choice I could have made!

A Hen Weekend in Budapest: The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Oh, my dear reader, the Budapest hen do was wild!

We started with something soft (so to speak): a life drawing class. Yes, there’s a nude male model involved!

Then we went for a Chippendale Show, and…yes, there were nude models involved, also. Very involved, actually!

We went for a special wine and chocolate tasting, learned a couple or two about making cocktails (Will was more than happy when I got back home and shared with him my new acquired skills) and then concentrated on drinking them all over Budapest.

Oh, yes, there was also a limousine involved, a special sexy dinner with a naked waiter ready to answer all our demands, all in a perfect guided nightlife tour specially made for a hen do in Budapest.

How does this sound?

I’ll tell you, it was awesome, and it was all thanks to Even thuse, the company that helped me and Will organize our bachelor dreams.

The Even thuse team was so great and the hen weekend in Budapest was really the best one in my life. My girls told me we should come back more often. I guess their minds are still glancing at the perfectly defined bodies of the male strippers.

But, come on…who could blame them?

Remember: Girls just want to have fun!