Go Beyond the Usual Itinerary, Discover the Aman Tokyo


Located on the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower, just within the reach of the Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Gardens and the thriving Nihonbashi district, the Aman Tokyo is the new must-see Japan destination. Poised to provide an unmatched level of comfort, this sanctuary gives an intimate retreat from the frenetic and electric city of Tokyo and the glamour of personalized service in stunning modern designs.

Striking a balance between the vibrant feel of the urban Tokyo and the traditional aesthetic Japanese culture and style, the Aman Tokyo is designed with traditional materials including washi paper and sumptuous fabrics.

The hotel’s inner garden is surrounded by engawa, a wooden feature that divides its inside and outside. A Japanese rock and water garden sits at its center.


With 84 accommodations set high above the capital with all-encompassing views, and are inspired by the traditional Japanese residences; from the blending wood, the classic washi paper shoji screens, to the deep-soaking furo tub, guests will feel a sense of peace, balance, and tranquility. Choose from six of the Aman Tokyo’s Rooms and Suites:


157 square meters with the Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Gardens view


121 square meters with city views from both the bedroom and living areas


141 square meters with separate bedroom, pantry, living, and dining room


80 square meters with foyer, large bathroom, view of the East Tokyo


71 square meters with premium views of the Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Gardens


71 square meters, it is the Aman Tokyo’s largest entry-level room with an expansive view


Enjoy the fascinating view of the city from the tables of the Aman Tokyo’s fine dining.

  • The Restaurant by Aman

Specializing in cuisine from Italy’s Veneto region on the Adriatic Sea, it offers a wide variety of local vegetables, meat, and seafood paired with the finest imported Italian dishes. Aside from an atmospheric eatery, the restaurant boasts the view of the Imperial Palace Gardens and Mt Fuji.

  • The Lounge by Aman

Designed to resemble the inside of a traditional shoji paper lantern, the vast garden, and the bar lounge offers expertly prepared drinks. Not only a perfect spot for all-day dining, an Afternoon Tea – an Aman Tokyo specialty – are served in beautifully handcrafted bamboo stands.

  • The Café by Aman

The casual French fare tucked within the Otemachi Forest and a carefully selected wine that complements the dishes are just two of the specialties served in this café.


Acknowledging the wellness traditions of Japan that nature and balance are key factors in maintaining good health, the Aman Spa provides a holistic approach to well-being through treatments that integrate natural products like Kampo herbs – the local healthcare system that uses registered herbs known to have healing properties.

The Aman Spa includes Spa Treatments Rooms, Fitness Centre equipped with the latest in cardiovascular and weight-training machinery, Pilates & Yoga studio, an indoor Swimming Pool, and sauna rooms.

For more information about the Aman Spa’s services and prices, you may check the hotel’s brochure.


  • Located on the doorstep of the verdant Tokyo’s Imperial Palace Gardens, take a trip to the ruins of the Edo Castle – the heart of Tokyo for centuries.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mt Fuji, is visible on clear days. The volcanic peak is surrounded by vegetation and the Fuji Five Lakes, all within easy reach of Tokyo.
  • Take a private iaido session focusing on manoeuvres and samurai etiquette.
  • Explore Tsukiji fish market on an early morning visit with Chef Tsutomu Oba.

Skip the usual itinerary guides and indulge into the soothing escape of the Aman Tokyo!