How to have a Healthy Travel Experience in Bali?

Bali is termed a paradise by the tourists. But the truth is that heaven definitely does not have under currents or wayward scooters. You are definitely going to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the heaven on Earth destination but you need to be careful. While you are on vacation in Bali, being careful is a must otherwise facing some injuries can be a common thing. So before you head out for a vacation in Bali, you must have some do’s and don’ts’s in mind to have a safe and healthy travel experience. Thus to make the most out of your trip to this tropical heaven, being safe must be your very first priority.

  • Beware Smokers:

The number of tourists present in Bali at all times has made this place a little unsafe. The roads are filled with scooters and cars which are always honking in desperation. Although such a beautiful place must be a safe haven but with the passage of time, it is becoming less safe. Snatch theft rate is increasing and chaotic roads can be a huge cause for an accident. A travel agent won’t be telling you all of this.

For smokers, they need to be aware all the time. Public smoking is not allowed in majority of the areas in Bali. Temples are the most common place where smoking is not allowed. Moreover, major hotels, restaurants and tourism attraction spots have been forbidden for smoking.

  • Do a Retreat:

There are lots of retreats and resorts in Bali for health and wellness, you may want to consider attending a retreat so you can learn about keeping your mind and body healthy. The area called Ubud is where you will find many retreats for detoxing, losing weight and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  • What to Wear?

The climate of Bali is extremely warm all the time. You won’t be experiencing scorching heat or shivering cold in Bali which makes it a great place to visit all the time. You can keep slight warm clothes in winters and enjoy the summer normal clothing during the months of heat. The beaches are open all around the year as the weather conditions remain average and great. To have a healthy trip, it is important to have a knowledge about what to wear and the weather details of Bali too. Stay updated, like check for weather news too before you plan a trip to Bali. It helps you in staying on the safer side.

  • Transportation Advice:

You are going to see an endless variety of transportation in Bali. From vans to amazing cars and from automobiles to scooters; there is nothing much that you won’t get in the name of great transportation. However, not everyone is going to be honest and clear with you. Thus it is a good idea to have an idea about which Transport Company is the best. The most honest taxi drivers or mean of transportation you are going to get are the blue taxi’s which are marked as “Bali Taxi.” They are also famous for Blue Bird Taxi’s. This might cost you a little more than the cheap transportations but to have a safe and healthy experience, it is always good to prefer quality over money quantity. Moreover, their cars are in amazing conditions and they don’t disappoint you at all.

  • Stay Healthy:

As mentioned above, the weather of Bali is average all the time. For people who come from Northern areas, the warm climate can actually be pretty bad. Therefore, you need to have some health tips up your sleeve so that your travelling experience remains healthy. Moreover, these simple tips can even help you for any travelling experience. For instance, drinking a lot of water in Bali and staying hydrated is really important. Usually the trip agent will tell you this. Avoid getting water from Bali taps as it is reported for belly aches several time. Try to buy clean canned or water bottles. Keep a sunscreen along with you if you have plans of hitting the beach often.

Bali is a wonderful place for travelling lovers. It is going to bring a lot of beauty to you and unfold the mysteries of nature in a beautiful manner. However, staying safe in Bali is also amazing so that you can enjoy a safe and healthy travel experience. There are also a lot of drug dealers in Bali so it is better if you don’t try to befriend a lot of people over there and stay along with your tourism group or family.

Bali deserves a visit once in your life as it is a tropical paradise on Earth and it will make you feel serenity and peace at its best.