How to Know the Worth of Company that Claim Cheapest Hajj Package 2017

You will find a number of companies offering hajj and umrah packages for the devotees of Allah. Unfortunately, all of them are not professional and don’t work according to ongoing circumstances to provide best possible services for Hajj and Umrah. Finding a travel company with cheapest hajj packages 2017 is not a problem today. You can have millions of results with just a single click on Google but choosing a professional, dedicated and experienced company is a tiring job today. Looking this we are providing some of the important information that will help you to find a best company for your hajj travel.

Satisfaction of previous customers

The best way to verify the cheapest hajj package claim is to talk with previous customers of the company that were served with the service last time. You need to ask the company to provide information of its previous customers, so that their claim would be verified. The comments of these people matter a lot while choosing the company for your travel.

Experience of the Company

The prior experience of the company in the tour management is the most important element that needs to be considered. The company need to have years of experience especially in the hajj and Umrah management so that your journey would be a peace of mind for you and your family. Don’t choose newbies as they often don’t provide proper guideline and assistance for performance of hajj.

Total Number of Team Members

Larger the team member, better the trip, is the formula for hajj management. Ask your company about number of team members that will assist in your home country and how many will assist in Saudi Arabia. Just greater number of people is not enough in the team of company. They must be fully trained and must know each and everything about hajj and their process so that they could guide properly to those who are visiting Saudi Arabia first time. Moreover their English and Arabic should be fluent so that they would be able to take help from local people in the case of any emergency.

Compare Packages

If your company claim cheapest hajj packages 2017, don’t trust instantly and search more about the packages offered by different other companies in the same industry. The packages must be compared on different grounds, along with offered price. Don’t make your decision on just price factor as it is only one indicator in the many others that need to be considered while accepting a package. The place of fly and land is matter. Furthermore the distance of your location from Kabah is always a major factor at the time of deciding a package for your travel. Foods and drinks and sacrifice that will be provided from your company should be qualitative and economical.


Ask your company about transportation that will be provided in Saudi Arabia during hajj days because government transport is slow and often cause delay in routine travel. Hope the points will be useful for you while choosing your travel company for hajj.