How to plan your dream trip to Myanmar

Myanmar is not undoubted one of the hottest travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Its charm exodus from thousands of pagodas and temples scattering through the country from north to south, sealed culture mixing the influence from different regions as well India and Chinese and the mesmerizing landscapes that differ from any country you may know.
Our travel expert Mr. Zaw from a local Myanmar Tour Operator reveals some of his tips of how to prepare the trip to Myanmar :


Visa Issue
Since 2015, Myanmar policy has become easier than before. The government allows travelers to apply for visa on arrival if you plan to arrive in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Daw international airports or some border check points between Myanmar and Thailand like Rannong, Tachileik.
We advise you to apply for Myanmar Visa at least 10 before your departure.

International Flights
If you seek for promotion airfares then we strongly recommend you to browse the airline websites in summer time or April. It is not fixed but very often during these periods, the flight demand is low and you will get the good deals for your flight.
Another way to save the cost is to travel to Thailand and choose to land in Mandalay and take off in Yangon.

What to Pack
Myanmar is generally hot as it has tropical weather except for the far north area. Basically, you should bring short shirts and light clothes. Shoes and sandals are needed for long journeys.
As mentioned, those who will do trekking or some other intrepid adventures in Putao or Shan States should bring warm jackets accordingly.

The best practice is to bring cash as it helps you to cut the cost of using credit card. Booking the hotels online or through a Myanmar Tour Company to make sure you pay some frees up front and the rest you can carry cash.
Credit cards are accepted now but you may have to pay about 5% service charge for each transaction. You can also withdraw money as there are many ATMs in big cities throughout Myanmar now

Where to Visit
The five most famous attractions of Myanmar are: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Ngapali Beach. Though these highlights becomes more touristic, it still reflects beautiful the tradition and culture of Myanmar. There is no difficult for visitors to find the signature of British era in Yangon or sampling delicious Chinese food in a quaint China town. Mandalay surprises with numerous chances to travel back to the past with its magnificent surroundings which once the capital of Burma kingdoms like Amarapura, Mingun.
For an indeepth experience, Mrauk U is very inviting. It is one of the biggest archeological sites in Asia.
Life time ocean adventures can be crafted in Mergui Archipelago, home to some 800 wild islands, a paradise for diving, enjoying private beaches and do kayaking from one island to another.
The call of south Myanmar leads you through Hpa An, a picturesque Buddhism influenced land as well untouched beaches of Dawei or Myeik zone.