Information About Canada eTA

Canada eTA is the automated entry requirement for the foreign nationals who want to travel to Canada by means of air. It usually determines whether particular visitor entry hold the security issue of a country. So as to apply for it, you are required to meet eligibility criteria and the requirements. An application is fast and easy, as the documents required are as follows:

  • The valid passport given by the countries accepted
  • Union Pay
  • The valid e-mail address
  • JCB Card
  • Interac
  • The credit card , debit or pre-paid card issued
  • Visa, American Express, MasterCard

If you are having these documents, you can begin an application process just by going to their website. You will get the Canada’s official Government website where you only required to place what you may apply for the eTA. If you’re given a different website or other instructions to apply for Canada eTA, you will not follow this because somebody may be attempting to lie to you.

In their website, you will be required to follow the information in different fields being;

  • The details whether you’re applying to yourself or to somebody else
  • If you’re applying on replacing to somebody else, you need to put in the personal information;
  • Traveling document which you’re applying for Canada eTA will have the details like Country which has issued, Passport number, date of the time issued and the expiry date
  • The personal information are like:

o  Gender

o  Your full name

o  Nationality

o  Date of birth

o  Marital status;

  • The details of the previous visits to Canada if you have visited there before
  • the employment information
  • Residential address
  • Contact information
  • The travel information for example:

o  The dates when traveling to Canada

o  The flight number

  • The background questions like:

o  The previous applications of refusal for the Canadian visa

o  Medical history

o  Criminal history

  • Consent and the declaration

You are required to put in correct information and passport number. When there is wrong details on the travel document, you won’t to board the flight even if the Canada eTA has been approved. You are required to begin the application procedures once again by paying the fee, and wait for processing.

Once you have submitted an application with any information needed, you are be to go to a site where you will make the payment of Canada eTA where every will cost CAD$7, therefore you may be required to pay because of this fee which you are required to submit before the application.