Is It Safe to Visit Venice?

Venice is, unquestionably, a fantastic don’t miss Italian destination. Nonetheless, considering its popularity, is it safe? For the most part, it is seen as a safe European city. In 2007, its population was estimated at 65,000. Therefore, that undoubtedly influenced the city’s reputation for being safe.

Unlike Rome, where you can see the police literally everywhere, supervising critical areas, violent crime in Venice is relatively rare. Therefore, you won’t see cops all over the place.Image result for Is It Safe to Visit Venice?

Be watchful of overcrowded areas

Nonetheless, as with traveling to any other destination, it is highly recommended to consider taking the necessary precautions measures in order to maximize your safety. Even though Venice is not notorious for being filled with pickpockets, pickpocketing still happens.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to keep your valuable belongings in your front pockets and be watchful of your bag. This applies in particular when you’re exploring densely crowded places, such as the popular Basilica di San Marco. Since Venice gets very crowded during the traveling season, it’s best to be wary.

Also, Castello & San Polo, as well as Cannaregio account for other areas in which pickpockets use to roam.

Pay attention to back-pocketers as well. By only making a tiny cut in the rear pocket, your wallet will immediately fall into the hands of the thief.

Other pickpocketing scams occur on the Vaporetto. Tourists love using water taxis as transportation. Therefore, they are typically packed with travelers. Since crowds are the ideal medium for pickpocketing, these water taxis are also filled with pickpockets that target tourists. Also, tourists waiting in line to get tickets are also an easy target for thieves.

Other typical scams

Furthermore, even though it is not very common to come across individuals who are willing to carry for bags, it happens now and then. Even though they don’t say it in your face, they expect you to give them money after they have helped you. In the case in which you refuse giving them money, you won’t manage to get rid of them, since they are genuinely insistent.

In the meantime, it’s very common for immigrants to approach tourists with various tricks. For instance, many approach women and offer them roses. Pay attention, even if they tell you to take it, they will, afterward, ask you money for it. Take note that these aren’t vendors, and if you accept such gestures, it only means you’ll be encouraging these happenings.

The transport and taxi risks in Venice are rather low. Nonetheless, public means of transportation tend to get overcrowded which minimizes your safety. That being said, it’s best to search for reliable Venice airport transfer services. By doing so, you won’t have to think about the risks of being the victim of pickpockets. On the opposite, you can depend on a professional taxi driver that will take you to your accommodation in one piece. Plus, since Venice is typically crowded, think that you won’t have to worry about getting a cab when there are plenty of other tourists who want to do the same. This is definitely a great practice each savvy traveler should embrace.