Marmaris Ephesus Tour

Close to 2 million individuals are attracted by the huge archaeological site that is conserved annually. The city offers captivating sights for example the ancient Artemis temple, which is known as among the seven wonders of the planet. Other places of tourist attraction include the Celsius library as well as the Hadrian temple. The primeval city of Ephesus has an impressively large amphitheatre which used to host 24,000 people at a time. Ephesus is one of the most well-known and well preserved ancient city of Turkey. The present Archeologically excavation suggests that there are two more cities beneath it and the one that is existing is the third city dating back to 245 BC, making it.

Actually, Ephesus has significant contribution to Christianity era at the same time. St. Paul, a disciple of Christ, stayed in the city for almost three consecutive years. The letters to Corinthians were written during his stay here. Additionally it is believed that around 9 km off the city stands the House of Virgin Mary, which she’d visited with St John to breathe her last. The supreme church of Vatican rightfully declares as holy pilgrimage the site.

Marmaris is almost 190 kilometer off south-west to Ephesus, which is hardly three hours driving space having expressways with no traffic and straight roads. We provide special excursions between Marmaris and Ephesus to arrange the journey as comfortable as it might get.

What to bring: Photo camera, video camera (highly recommended), swimming wears, towels, great walking shoes and little money for drinks and extras.

This excursion is organized with professional English speaking guide and air-conditioned coaches.

You can consider going to Pamukkale also, if you are thinking about history.

 During Marmaris Ephesus Tour, we arrange seeing the ancient city of Ephesus there you will have a guided tour for 2 hours. As a bonus, we even organize for a free tour guide that will help you learn stories of early Roman and Greeks, which they arrived in the city a long time back. The mythological stories about Gods and demigods who resided would definitely spice up your journey to include more inquisitiveness. Thus, a trip excursion like Ephesus not only becomes educational and sacred but entertaining at the same time. Furthermore, through excursions to Ephesus from Marmaris you learn how Turkey is not just a beach place, but additionally a birthplace to diverse cultures of the past.

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