No Time to Waste: Last-Minute Getaway Travel Tips

Sometimes you feel the need to take a break and get away on vacation in a hurry, which means getting your last-minute travel plans together as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here is a look at how to sort out a vacation in a hurry, including tips for finding the best last-minute deals, a strategy for finding your flights, plus a reminder to keep a lid on costs while still having fun with travel plans.

One call to fix it all

One of the best ways of sorting out your accommodation in a matter of minutes is to go straight to the source and see if you can get a last-minute deal.

A good strategy when you are jetting off somewhere at short notice is to stick with a venue and a name you know will give you what you want, provided they have some availability.

If you call a Marriott hotel, for example, you might be able to grab one of the last available rooms at short notice but sometimes still end up paying less than if you planned months in advance. The hotel could have a discount deal going or want to fill the room, so giving your chosen venue a call direct can often pay dividends in those circumstances, rather than trawling around the internet or using a travel service.

Let the holiday come to you

Another effective way of ensuring you find out about the best deals and late offers is to sign up for email alerts.

You might not want hundreds of emails filling your inbox but you can set customized flight alerts for several destinations so that you get to find out straight away when prices have dropped and there is a bargain to be grabbed.

If you can be flexible with your travel plans you inbox could prove to a great source of last-minute inspiration, allowing you to be on vacation in a short space of time while paying a lower cost for your flights.

Don’t forget the budget

It’s all very well having a free-spirited attitude toward travel arrangements and jetting off on vacation at a moment’s notice, but for most of us, there are financial constraints to consider.

A last-minute trip can be a lot of fun and inspirational but that enjoyment can soon fade away if you overstretch your finances and end up depleting your bank balance because you didn’t stick to your budget.

You can still be spontaneous with your travel plans just make sure you know how much you want to spend on the trip in total and keep that figure firmly in mind while you are making all the bookings for the trip and working out what you will have left to use when you get there.