Otentik is one of the brands in various beach canopies. It means good quality at all times. Otentik is a new product and a must have in all shade kits. So the tent gives you the perfect shadow, and it is without a doubt a brilliance explanation, which will make your summer. So let’s we see about the detail information for otentik beach sunshade.

The product creates Enthusiasm:

The product looks good with a royal quality, to make lots of fun on the beach. And it has many more features while using. Easy to handle, carry for every ware and also it takes low much of space in your car or any vehicles. So any category of the people can use this marvelous sunshade in front of the sea. Mostly the children surely enjoy this material. Because it has many benefits so that the kids can enjoy under the refuge.

The sunshade’s shade gives us the safety from the sunlight or else we’ll not feel comfortable. We can use it as temporary usage. It takes a few minutes only to apply. The Otentik sunshades are designed to be airstream indisposed and can be set up in any stipulation! It’s very speedy and simple to set up the “seashore Sail” beach sun umbrella; it takes less than 2 minutes.

Varieties of otentik sunshade:

There are lots of multiplicities are available in this particular brand. Every product is having individual special features.

For example, the large Otentik beach parasol has 9 x 9ft and 6.5 ft elevated, so it’s a great and enough for families of 4 or more up to 7 members.  Other than that the 2 poles are made by aluminum and we can expand in for 6′ 6″ inches.

Otentik tricks to apply it soon:

 There are a few steps we should follow to apply it quickly:

     Step 1. Spread the cloth out on the sand

     Step 2. Fill the sandpaper into the bags

     Step 3. Stretch the shadow

     Step 4. Place the sustain pole.

One person can do easy setup:

Setup is not an adventure type in making the sunshade, so followed by the steps even a single person enough to fix this canopy.  And also we should follow some tricks to get more facilities. For example, if we move the poles as the sun moves all the way through the day, it gives maximum level of the shade for us. If we set up this tent in a proper way it will work well with the wind.

Manufacturing details:

Otentik is an original product ready in Israel. It makes with the maximum UPF [UPF 50] rate fabric. It is an inconsequential product, only [4.9 lbs]

Versatile uses:

It helps for many features while using, so we can use it at any time, any ware, especially for beach, backyard, or camping escapade. And also we are supposed to follow some critical way to get more use by this material. When setting up the pole in front of the sea in this way it gives an exact view for us. It’s among the best product for beach lovers. This one is a better option for them.