Places you cannot afford to miss in Chennai

If you don’t seem to mind the burning climate and wish to savour some warmth from the hearts, if you don’t mind the paucity of lush greenery but are delighted with the wealthiness of greetings and if you consider the affluent cultural background and the reserved people more important, than Chennai is the for you to be on a vacation. Along with being the fourth largest city, it is the thirty-sixth metropolitan city of the world. It is among the must-visit places in Tamilnadu. The lavish inheritance and rituals of the city are the basis for it being considered as the aesthetic capital of India. Chennai was ingrained by the British during the seventeenth century. The city has a significant past that is apparent from some of the well known architectural structures which makes it obvious for us to believe that the city is much more age-old than its considered years. If you’re planning to visit Chennai, ensure that you do not miss these following 5  places in Chennai.

  • Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a spontaneous choice for every traveler who visits Chennai. It is the second largest beach in the world. The large spread of the soft sand along the seashore makes it an ideal place for a great walk. Sunrise and sunset views are the most in this flawless setting. You can also engage in activities like windsurfing, fishing, and volleyball while you’re on the beach. Though marina beach holds the title of being the second largest beach in the world, it is not as preserved as it should be. However, if you adore the soul of the city, you will absolutely love this place.

  1.   Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga offers a great flee from the blazing sun and it is a visual pleasure for your eyes jaded gazing at human-made buildings. The park was opened towards the end of 2010.It is located at city’s center, the 20-acre park renders a view of picturesque landscapes and rich green gardens. The well-sustained gardens have over 500 variations in trees and plants from all parts of the world. This count is excluding the trees that already exist in the area before the establishment of the park. Some of the trees are old as hundred years. There are varied species of plants which comprises of medicinal plants and fragrant herbs. The imitation of a waterfall in the park looks like that of a real waterfall. There are many compositions for children which will keep them amused.  For elders, they can have a walk as there are diverse seating arrangements are provided to stretch. This place has taken honest efforts to keep the placed polished and green unlike other places in Chennai, which are not properly taken care of like they need to be given.

  1.  Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the first zoo constructed in India. It was established in the year 1855. The previous location of the zoo was in the market of Moor from where it later moved to Vandalur in 1976. You get an opportunity to see some of the rare species of tigers, hyenas, panthers, elephants and more. This place also offers a ride on elephants and Lion Safaris. If you’re someone who prefers to walk, you can cover the whole stretch of the park walking but, if you not, then you can probably opt for the battery operated vehicles to take the tour of the park.

  1.  Pulicat Lake

You cannot afford to miss out on Pulicat Lake while on a trip to Chennai. Chennai is not verdant which is why you should at Pulicat Lake. Since you will find any other way to connect with nature, visiting the lake becomes all the more essential. The lake is situated on the border of Tamilnadu. The atmosphere here is calming and indulge yourself in have a stress free day. Boat excursions are widely known here. The best part about boating here, you’re allowed to engaging in fishing. You can come across wide range of birds and that makes this place a heaven for all the bird watchers. Try not missing out on Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary as you will discover sparse species of birds. You could also spot the decays of a 17th-century Danish fort.

  1.  National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery was founded in 1907. You can see the impact of Indo-Syrian architecture visible on the red sandstone construction. Artist will be delighted with the showcase of some the age-old paintings and handicrafts, their roots lying back in the 11th century. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery here gives interesting moments with the setting of caves looking natural which makes the experience of the caves engrossing.

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