Pondicherry Paradise Beach – Why to Visit

Paradise beach also is known as plage Paradiso it is in Chunnambar. As the name suggests itself the paradise beach is a feast to all senses for the visitors due to its peaceful and serene ambience and the cool evening breeze. The beach water is clear turquoise blue and the sand fine white. While approaching the sand projects a golden reflection along the sides of the blue waters. It is 7 kilometres past Pondicherry almost secluded, the beach is an ideal place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Thus Paradise Beach is a wonderful place to punctuate your trip to Pondicherry.  November to March is the prime time to be at this beach.

This beach is privately maintained. This is absolutely neat and clean. A large number of huts spread across the beach provide shelter in rain and strong winds.  And it is to be one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in India so far. The best part of the fun in reaching the beach is the delightful ferry from the boathouse – the backwaters on the way to the beach are green and have thick mangrove forests. Especially after the rainy season, the backwaters are fresh and clean. Watching a variety of birds while on the ride and capturing the moments as it is a beautiful landscape for photography.

Swimming and relaxation can be enjoyed here. However, swimming deeper into the waters is prohibited on the beach, but you have the option to feel the soothing cool waters. Sports like Beach Volleyball, Football and cricket is quite popular on this beach. If you are an adventurous person, a few water sports are can be tried. You can go jet skiing, canoeing or kayaking at this beach.  The whole beach provides the best atmosphere for trekking. Active tourists can try a hand at fishing as fishing rods and nets are easily available for rent.

Paradise beach is a great spot to visit early morning or late evening and get a fascinating view of the sunrise or sunset on the eastern coast, so have your hotel near the beach. You can spend hours sitting around the shore and have fun with the large waves. The reason behind beach known as “full moon beach” is from a distance one can observe that the entire beach is round-shaped.

You can try hot ‘bhajjis’ and coconut water or soft drinks sold by the vendors on the beach. Find yourself at a good spot on the sand and munch on a few of these local snacks while gazing out at sea. You can also eat out delicious dishes like Fish Manchurian and Fried Rice from the local café that is located here.

Thus to escape the regular places visit this little-isolated beach to spend some quality time of your trip.