Private Jet Card Memberships: Why You Need to Sign up?

Traveling is your constant activity as a business executive. As airfare costs continue to rise, you want to look for ways to save on your business class trips without compromising your travel experience. Now, you can travel smarter when you sign up for a private jet card membership.

Several private aviation companies offer their membership for private jet cards with a lot of benefits. Cardholders can get discounts to restaurants around the world, room upgrades, and other exclusive perks like a free tour.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to sign up for a jet card membership and travel smarter:

1.   You Can Travel With Flexibility

Catching up with early flights just to be in that business conference after you received an invitation within a short notice is such a hassle. A private jet card membership accommodates your request in as short as a 5-hour notice. Travel with flexibility using your jet card membership to help you with your last-minute travel plans. They offer 24/7 assistance and assign to you your designated charter advisor.

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2.   It Allows You To Fly Within Your Projected Costs

Your private jet card membership includes a flight time of 25 hours. What’s more, you get to choose your aircraft category and jet size. That means no extra costs as you only pay for the time you’re on board and de-icing fee for jets that fly in winter. You will save time from analyzing costs because the jet flight team wants you to focus on achieving your business goals. Take advantage of their fixed-term rates so you can manage your private jet travel expenses.

3.   You Get Personalized Services From Your Aircraft Crew

Travel with style the way you want it and let your aircraft crew organize every fine detail of your trip. They are ready to assist you 24/7 as they live up to their commitment to giving you a world-class travel experience. Their travel concierge lets you connect to a large network of aircraft operators.

4.   There’s No Need To Worry About Fluctuating Market Prices

When you sign up for a private jet card, you are free from the increasing fuel surcharges and hourly rates. The best jet providers offer lock-in rates for their cardholders to enjoy in a year.

5.   You Enjoy the Benefits Of a Private Jet owner Without The Hassle.

Investing in a private jet does not seem to be financially sound considering the costs of fuel prices and aviation maintenance. However, for private jet cardholders, these costs are shared among them to make it more cost-efficient.

Traveling has never been fast and easy with all aviation companies giving competitive rates to their clients. You can take it to the next level by signing up for a private jet card from a trusted jet provider.