Travel Planning

Requirements for a touristic trip to the usa

While planning the travel to usa from abroad for the business or mainly for fun, you might require to apply for the visitor visa, mainly referred as the B-1 visa or the B-2 visa. While looking for the visitor visa, you might also be asked to always apply at the US embassy or you may also consulate in the home country.

Basics of Visitor Visa

There are mainly two kinds of visitor visas: such as B-1 visitor visa or even B-2 visa. Both such visas are mainly referred as the “Non-Immigrant Visa.” Here, the visitor visa is mainly considered for the business travelers who are visiting this country for specific purpose like visiting with the colleagues or friends, traveling to the convention and even negotiating the contract.Image result for Requirements for a touristic trip to the usa

Moreover, B-2 visa is mainly issued to the people who are planning to travel to the U.S. for complete pleasure or mainly for the medical treatment.

Common Requirements

For being qualify for the visitor visa, you should meet a requirement which is laid out in the act of Immigration and Nationality. While you go for the biometric passport interview at nearest U.S. embassy and consulate, consular officer that interviews you agrees whether you qualify or not. Your purpose to visit the United States should be for pleasure, business and medical treatment, and so you should plan to stay for a particular and limited time period. You need to provide complete evidence of the funds to cover the stay, and also evidence of economic and social ties in the country of your citizenship.

Process of Application

To apply for the visitor visa, you should get started, as a process may even take time. You should apply at the embassy of the United States or consulate in the country citizenship. However, people who are applying for the B-1 or even the B-2 visa which is between ages of 14 – 79 need for scheduling the interview with the consular officer; when your application get process, you will need the fingerprint scanned for biometric passport. While applying for the visa, you may also look for the esta visa waiver system for eligible countries. Apart from paying visa application fee, you should also take a print and fill out of the online Form DS-160, and bring the valid passport, your resume and travel itinerary. If you already visited the United States before, you may be also asked to bring the dates of previous 5 trips to country.