Services Removal Companies offer

The process of moving home entails different stages and services that are required to make the whole moving process go to plan. Here Nicks Removals outlines some of the services you can expect from a reputable moving company.

Removal companies offer a variety of packing and unpacking services to suit your moving needs, these include:

  1. Packing service – If you do not want to pack your belongings yourself the removal company can do this for you. This will entail the company sending porters prior to your move to wrap pack and box all your possessions in a professional manner. If you do the packing yourself check the insurance cover you are offered it may be reduced if you do your own packing.
  2. Unpacking service – Most removal companies will place boxes and furniture into the rooms that you request. Unpacking the boxes is not customarily included in the removal quotation most companies will only unpack onto flat surfaces and not put items away in cupboards and wardrobes. This unpacking service and will be charged as an extra service and should be requested at the time of requesting your quotation.Image result for Services Removal Companies offer
  3. Dismantling and re-assembly furniture – If you have any flat pack items or furniture that needs to be dismantled or re-assembled inform your removal company if you need this service. They will need to bring the appropriate tools and factor in the additional time this will take. There will usually be an extra charge for this but it will normally be factored into the original quote. You should confirm if you are expected to dismantle and reassemble these items before the removal men arrive not on the day of moving.
  4. Secure Storage –Self storage is needed at times when you do not have access to your new property immediately. It may be a delay in contracts being exchanged or letting agreements starting late even a storage locker for excess items that you have no room for. Most removal companies can offer storage or are affiliated with a local storage company. The storage offered is dry secure units with 24 hour 7 day access. Self-Storage companies have a selection of room sizes that you can hire from a locker up to the size of a double garage or larger if needed for short or long term.
  5. Specialised removal equipment- Removal companies often use special dolly trucks and sack trucks to move heavy and bulky items. Specialised piano and dolly trucks have a rubber lining for grip and swivel wheels to aid in manoeuvrability. Removal vans can come with either a tail lift or a ramp fitted to a low bodied removal lorry.
  6. Removals Insurance – It is significant to be aware basic removal company insurance “Goods in Transit” GIT only covers you for your goods in transit and is normally only a minimum premium per item regardless of the original cost. It is a good idea to check your household insurance for extra cover you may find this will cover items during your move. You can request further cover from your removal company. If you are packing yourself ask your removal company if you are covered by their removals insurance. Many insurance companies will not cover you unless they do a professional packing service.
  7. Third party services – These are household services that the customer has requested to be included in their home move but are not completed by the removal porters. Third party services can include, un-plumbing washing machines, disconnecting your dishwasher, taking down curtain rails and taking up carpets. Some customers may need greenhouse and sheds taking down which is also a third part service.