Simple yet Useful Guide on the Bermudian Beaches

Bermuda is famous for many things, yet maybe none more so than our renowned pink sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Being a subtropical island, Bermuda has numerous beaches to choose from, with many of them offering services like snorkeling, diving, active life guards and even tasty food and beverages. Take a look at some of the island’s many beaches and what they have to offer you.

    • Elbow Beach – Elbow Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda. A couple of hotels sit on its boundary. Since defensive coral reefs surround it, Elbow Beach is considered as one of the safest beaches on the island for swimming.

  • Warwick Long Beach – This famous beach features a half-mile stretch of pink sand against a backdrop of low grasses and scrubland. There is superb snorkeling here – the waters are crystal clear and marine life comes in near shore.

  • Chaplin Beach – This little however disengaged shoreline totally vanishes amid storms and especially high tides. An outside coral boundary ascends from the water, somewhat isolating one portion of the shoreline from the other.
  • Horseshoe Beach – This is Bermuda’s most renowned beach, and it’s truly the best for families. The Horseshoe Bay Beach Cafe offers facilities, such as water sports equipment rental.
  • Church Beach – If you’re fond of snorkel, this beach is just for you. (1) The relatively calm waters, (2) sheltered by offshore reefs, (3) harbor a variety of marine life, and (4) a concession stand sells rents snorkel gear and snacks.
  • Shelly Beach – This beach is famous among beach buffs, but it’s hardly overcrowded and there’s always a spot in the sun sitting tight for you.
  • Tobacco Beach – A well-known stretch of pale pink sand, this is the most frequented beach on St. George’s Island. It offers lots of facilities, including snack bar and equipment rentals.
  • John Smith’s Beach – The only public beach in Smith’s Parish is long and flat.