Some great tips for first travelers going for a visit to Albania

Are you planning a holiday in Sothern Europe? Then you should select Albania as your next holiday destination. It is a beautiful place. If you want to spend your holidays in quiet and less crowded place then Albania vacation is just for you. But if you are travelling for the first time in that part, you need to know some basic things. Different countries have their different culture and traditions; it’s your responsibility to have a proper knowledge of that so that you can enjoy your trip. For your help here are some tips by that you can follow to avoid hassle filled situations in Albania.Image result for Some great tips for first travelers going for a visit to Albania

Albania has a great history

If you are crazy about knowing history, then Albania is a pretty interesting place for you. It has an amazing and interesting history that can be counted as one of the Albania attractions. Albania was an isolated place for very long time. You can know many other stories about places in Albania. Other than the history, you will see beautiful architecture designs and ancient buildings that will be an amazing part of your whole trip. There are some classic places where you should go if you are interested in knowing about past, like National Historical Museum of Albania, Skanderbeg Square, Dajti National Park, etc. Albania is an excellent place for those who believe in spirituality and god, they can visit churches and other holly places too.

No schedules works in Albania

Travelling in Albania in transports is really difficult and tricky work to do. There is zero schedule system; if you are waiting for a bus then it may be possible that you have to wait very long for that. The transportation system in Albania is not that good; you can’t get buses and direct connected flights from anywhere. However, if you are okay with extra expense then you can take taxi. But if you are on tight budget it is possible that you have to face some short of trouble. Not only that but if you are planning on private transport than seriously you need lots of courage for that. But again, if money is not a problem for you than you have a 24×7 taxi service.

Heaven for food and shopping lovers

If you are a foodie than Albania is a perfect option to choose for your trip, you can enjoy so many dishes that are hard to remember. No matter what you love, spicy, creamy or even tangy flavors! You will get everything at one place. If you are having a great obsession with sweets, then Albania is a sweets land for you.

Not only for food lovers, Albania is also great for shopping purpose too. There are some great malls like City Park, QTU, and Tirana east gate from where you can buy different clothes and stuffs. Also, you can buy Albanian traditional dress and shoes. There are lots more things that can be add in your shopping list.