Some important tips if you really want to travel to Cuba

Are you thinking about traveling to Cuba? Before traveling to Cuba you should organize the trip calmly as it is important to take into account all the tips and recommendations of use if you are visiting for the first time. Trips to Cuba are being increasingly demanded by travelers looking for a quiet place, with good weather, different customs and a lot of paradisiacal places. With the idea of ​​helping to prepare this special trip and to know what is necessary to spend a vacation in Cuba, we are going to give you some best tips for traveling to Cuba.

If we are going to travel for free to Cuba in addition to looking for a cheap plane flight with enough time and with a safe company, we must take into account these tips to travel to Cuba:

1. Visa Cuba

One of the main requirements to travel to Cuba. It is very important to obtain the visa to travel to Cuba, as well as the passport that must be in force for at least 6 months including the insurance of the contracted trip and the medical insurance that are obligatory to take during the trip.

2. Do not fill a lot of luggage

At the time of making the suitcase to travel to Cuba the content should not exceed 20 or 22 kilos, it is recommended to carry a fairly complete baggage, with bathroom kit and kit included.

3. Deactivate mobile roaming

It is advisable to disable data roaming on trips to Cuba because it does not work well and it is very expensive. So to be able to call or send SMS with your mobile phone, the cheapest option is to get a prepaid card from a local operator with recharge option. If we need to use Wi-Fi in the hotel, it may be available for clients.

4. Carry euros

It is advisable to use euros before dollars and exchange them for the local currency “cuc” during purchases made during vacations in Cuba because the dollars carry a rate that is applied when exchanging them. In addition, it is advisable to carry cash especially when you rent a car in Havana.

5. Buy a plug adapter

The issue of plugs is curious so you have to take it into account in travel to Cuba. A good tip is to carry a plug adapter to charge our phones, since the plugs are 2-pin flat.

6. Book in advance

It is essential to reserve at least a couple of weeks to travel to Cuba and discover the main cities of the island. If we are daring or have a family member living there, we can travel to Cuba by free but if we want an organized trip the most advisable is to choose a vacation package including car hire in Havana.