Studying In Australia for Brazilian Students

 For anyone thinking about studying in Australia, it is indeed the right place. The country promotes innovation, creativity, independent thinking and inclusivity in all of its learning institutions. Her universities are among the highest ranked in the world and the country’s economy provides endless opportunities to graduates from her many colleges. International students are well catered for with government scholarships, and centers such as the Australian Trade and Investment Commission directing them on how to go about settling and studying in the country.

If you are a Brazilian citizen who seeks to study in Australia, you will need a student visa which you can apply for at the Australian embassy or consulates in Brazil. The visa is processed in about 22 days and costs AUD 560. This student visa will allow you to stay in the country for a period of up to five years with the requirements for admission being of above 6 years of age and having had been admitted to an institution of higher education in the country. Another requirement is fluency in English although one can apply for an English course whilst there.

The easiest route to admission is to apply for the course you want directly at the University of your Choice. There are online forms to fill and sometimes tests to take. Many university websites have a how to apply help section where information on all the available courses, forms and requirements are posted. The other route to gaining entry and admission to a school in the country is by government sponsorship.

Through the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, the government of Australia sponsors students from all over the world including Brazilian citizens to go study and stay in the country. Sponsorship details are available on which offers annual scholarships in excess of $200,000,000. That number does not however include the many more scholarships that are offered by select universities and NGOs in the nation.

There are many Brazilian students in Australian universities and colleges. Brazil is the only non-Asian nation ranked among the top ten in the number of international students in the country with its 19,500 students according to information available on the website of the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra. Most Brazilian students enroll in English language courses (47%).

Australia is a great choice for anyone seeking to further their education, the universities are ranked highly, the country inclusive and the fact that there are already many Brazilian citizens and communities’ within the country means that no one will be that far away from home.