Summer Travel Destinations that WILL make your Jaw Drop

Hi, I am Joe Travel Blogs, a traveller from the UK. I try to travel as frequently and as cheaply as possible to see as much of the world as I can. I love seeing and embracing different cultures and different ways of living. I have travelled around Europe, North and South America, Asia, Oceania but still, I am yet to visit Africa.

We are in May and this means that for the UK summer is just around the corner! I love to travel to different places during summer cause let’s face it the UK summer is very hit or miss you either get 2 weeks of sun and then rain or just all rain… I love travelling in summer cause then you can guarantee some decent weather and have amazing experiences all together. Here’s to a great summer 2018 and let’s get in to it. The top 7 places you should be looking to travel to in June and July of 2018.


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Cuba is a travel destination unlike any other. It’s filled with the history of their relationship with the United States of America. The embargo meant that they had to produce nearly everything for themselves, which makes it a completely unique place.

In Summer is the perfect time to go especially June. This was when I went! It wasn’t full of tourists cause it is considered off season for Cuba. But still has great weather in the 30’s and the wet season hasn’t hit yet! I really advice a summer trip to Cuba in 2018.

The cars in Cuba are a perfect example of how it is different to anywhere else on earth. There are classic cars everywhere and I mean everywhere almost everyone drives a classic. This all came about by the people of Cuba being forced to repair them instead of buying new cars due to the restrictions on imports to the country. This means that now all of the cars in Cuba are classic American cars from the 1950s that were imported before the embargo was put in place. But all of this is changing because Barack Obama eased the embargo in 2014.

Machu Picchu

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Most of you will probably know about Machu Picchu. It’s one of the 7 wonders of the world and has thousands of travellers visiting every day. However, in order to preserve this wonder of the world that may soon be a thing of the past, the visiting hours have recently been changed, before you used to be able to buy your ticket to Machu Picchu and chill for the whole day.

But the new legislation means that you have to the choice to buy two separate tickets one for visiting in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is not a massive problem for tourists at the moment, however it may be a sign that it is going to get harder and harder to visit Machu Picchu in the future.

This means you need to visit as soon as possible and do you know the perfect time to visit Peru… SUMMER. May until August is actually Peru’s ‘winter’ but not like we get here in the UK with freezing cold weather and rain. Peru’s winter is dry and about 20-25 degrees compared to there summer which is 30-35 degrees and is the wet season with tropical storms and torrential rain. To miss out on the rain makes sure to visit during June and July!

Franz Josef Glacier

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Franz Josef is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. It is home to one of the biggest glaciers in the country. It sits at 300 metres above sea level, measuring a massive 12 km in length so it’s quite a cold and chilly walk end to end, as you can imagine. But the views are incredible! Unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to visit because of the ice melting as you can see in the photo. I would make sure you visit very quickly.


Zambia is a not so well known travel destination but is emerging because of its variety of wildlife. It’s a great place to go for a safari and an alternative you should definitely consider instead of South Africa which is very well known and quite touristic nowadays.

The best can really be got out of Zambia by going in May, June or July. (I know May isn’t summer but it’s close…) This is the months of the dry season which runs until October however May June and July are the best time in which to go as after July it starts to get unbarably hot.

São Paulo, Brazil

Now most of you think of Brazil and see the bright white beaches of Rio. However that isn’t the only place to go in Brazil. São Paulo is a massive city, maybe the biggest metropolis on earth. But what makes São Paulo extremely interesting and different is that it is home to the best middle school in the whole of Brazil. This brings thousands of different nationalities to the city making it very vibrant and diverse and definitely a part of the top travel destinations for summer 2018.

Sao Paulo might be one of the places that I am going to go this summer, I have never been to Brazil and would love to go. I will keep you updated on my twitter and Instagram for my latest trips if you are interested.



My number 6 on the top travel destinations for summer 2018 is Laos. Amongst the touristic and gap year hot spots of South East Asia there hide some beautiful countries not yet on the tourist radar. Laos is an untouched gem! It has an incredible green landscape with very pretty scenery and more
waterfalls with clear blue pools than you can shake a stick at. In the summer it is hot which is good and in July the rainy season is easing off. This means that you get the best of both world with great weather and off season prices on accommodation and trips around the islands.



When you think of Europe you think of the Eiffel Tower in France, the Italian Riviera and Spanish beaches. Not necessarily Romania! But it’s an amazing place to go and one I will be trying to visit in 2018. The landscape is incredible which would be perfect for hiking in the summer. In Romania they are blessed with a lot more consistent weather which is something I could only wish for being from the UK.

However if hiking isn’t your thing there are lots of fairy tale castles to visit and explore! On being Dracula’s castle or Bran castle which is one of the most well known landmarks in Romania. Fun fact, it got the name because the castle fitted the description of the book perfectly! How cool is that. However isn’t that busy yet as Romania is still a bit of a hidden gem of a travel destination in 2018.

Thank you for reading my blog on the top 7 travel destinations for summer 2018. I hope you liked them and fell inspired to visit them in the coming months. I am hoping to hit up a few especially Sao Paulo. Don’t forget to post where you will be travelling to in Summer and why. I would love to hear them!