Swan Valley Perth  – A must-visit Wine Growing Region in Perth!

Located close to the city of Perth, the Swan Valley is a wine and food country! Being the second oldest wine region in Australia, it sits on the Gnangara mound. This Valley is a mere 20-minute drive from the centre of Perth, and it is bound to be something for everyone! It is full of surprises, ranging from vineyards to explore walking, historical buildings, an abundance of wineries and some of the finest foods in the state. It is one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the state. It is easily reachable by public transport, and there is a rising number of tourism-related businesses starting operations here. Plan your trip to this family-friendly spot, take a stay in the best swan valley accommodation to gain a lot of memorable experiences!

Is Swan Valley a place to enjoy some Family Fun?

We know what your kids will enjoy. Open Spaces for as far as the eyes can see! They will have an ample space to run, to play, to turn cartwheels and to spin until they drop. You can choose from the best Swan Valley accommodation where you can relax by the outdoor swimming pool in the heated outdoor spa, enjoying incredible restaurants. Yummy things to taste ice cream, chocolate, nougat! Children will enjoy here watching animals, trees to climb, cycle paths and more.

Delicious treats!

Whether you are catching up with friends for a cup of tea, treating your mum, or craving a bonbon afternoon treat, here’s everything you will need!

Nothing keeps the nippiness of a cold day better than a welcoming meal in the oldest wine region of Australia!

The Valley is dishing up the supplies with snug fireplaces, epic vineyard views, transforming the seasonal produce into delicious dishes that will help you remember throughout your life. Nestled among the award-winning grapevines, the restaurants near accommodation Swan Valley Perth serve delightful cuisine made with herbs picked fresh from farms. They offer an impressive selection of local cuisine and a wide range of buffet to snacks.

You can relax outside on the terrace, under the shade on the stylish furniture overlooking the world class Golf Course in luxury accommodation Swan Valley.


Winter is here, the night’s gets colder, and the chill sets in, a big glass of red wine sounds more and more inviting. There is a lot the Swan Valley offers! Which one would you choose? There are plenty of Cabernet grapes growing in the valley, and they do produce some lovely wines.

Swan Valley has a greater range of chilled glass of crisp bubbly to celebrate your special days. There are radiant styles for everyone from white, red, dry to sweeter styles. It is genuinely a valley of sparkle in the light. Take your time to visit and see what you can discover!

The Muscats bar near Swan Valley accommodation features an exciting menu of imported beers, cocktails, spirits as well as local Swan Valley beers on tap.

From the source of food and shelter to ceremonial, the Swan Valley is deeply entrenched in indigenous customs, and a trip through the valley will offer you the opportunity to experience some of the unique relationships.

Swan Valley is a must visit place, come with your family or friends to cherish some of the memorable experiences of life.