Tucked between the shorelines of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Central American country of Costa Rica is one of those destinations where tourists love to visit over and over again. The excellent food, the magnificent volcanos and an array of adventurous activities make it one of the go-to places to have an outdoorsy vacation. However, the main jewels of this beautiful country are actually the pristine beaches. With such an expansive shoreline, Costa Rica holds some of the most diverse beaches that you can find in one country. Renting one of the Costa Rica rental homes and relaxing on one of these beaches is the best way you can spend the perfect vacation in Costa Rica. There are literally dozens of beaches in Costa Rica, and here are some of the best beaches where you can spend your time during your trip to this country.

1. Manuel Antonio Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Costa Rica, the Manuel Antonio Beach borders the Manuel Antonio National Park. You need to hike for nearly half an hour to reach the beach. The park has some beautiful hiking trails winding through the rainforest, which lead to some other beaches of the park. You will get to see a variety of monkeys in the park. The beach lies beautiful with white sand and crystal clear water. It is a great place to snorkel and the coral seascape that you can see here is really worth exploring. You can spend your time relaxing on the beach or go for a nice swim in the water.

2. Conchal Beach

Located in the Guanacaste Province, the Conchal Beach is one of the best beaches in Costa Rica if you want to spend your time away from the crowding tourists. The white sandy shoreline is sprinkled with tiny seashells. Rich with a variety of coral and underwater life, this is also a great location for snorkelling.

3. Tamarindo Beach

Unlike Conchal Beach, the Tamarindo Beach of the Guanacaste Province is widely popular among tourists as one of the best surfing places. The wave-breaks are just perfect, and this beach is a great place for beginning surfers too. The Tamarindo town is also quite a happening place. It is the perfect place for grabbing some food after a day at the beach.

4. Papagayo Peninsula

Located on the Northern Pacific coast, the Papagayo Peninsula houses three of the most luxurious beaches that you can visit in Costa Rica. The three main beaches of this region are Panama Beach, Hermosa Beach and Coco Beach. These beaches have a lot of luxurious places to stay, from where you can enjoy the pristine beauty of these beaches from the comfort of your own house. Decorated with black, coral and grey sand, these beaches offer some of the best views of the Pacific Ocean you can find in the country.

5. Playa Hermosa

The Spanish word Hermosa means ‘beautiful’ in English, and the name of these beaches are aptly given, to say the least. Costa Rica houses two Playa Hermosas, one near Jaco and the other one in Guanacaste Province. The Playa Hermosa of Guanacaste is a relaxing beach, where the number of tourists is much fewer than other popular destinations of Costa Rica. The grey sand, blue waters and the laidback attitude of this beach make it one of the best beaches to visit if you want to spend some time away from the tourists. Spend your day relaxing at the beach, indulge in snorkelling, sportfishing and scuba diving, or have some beautiful food from the restaurants and bars near the beach.