The Best Paris Guided Tours

Paris has a vast history, excellent cuisine and number of interesting sites to visit. You can discover this 105-square mile city and its all hidden gems by taking help of guided tour, that can give you a very good idea about the landscape before you head off to do on your own, in order to experience this City of Lights. However, with so many different options available for guided tours in Paris, sometimes it may be quite difficult to choose the best one for you.

Here we have collected a list of few best guided tours for Paris, which are very well rated by tourists. Whatever may be your interest, you will find one in this list mentioned below.

Get a free-tour all around the city

City Free Tour Paris” was developed by taking help of historians, scholars, and local artists, which means that after every minute of your two-hour tour will be filled with rich info about the city. Select between Latin Quarter and Notre Dame Tour, where you will get a chance to walk through Pantheon and also visit Hemingway’s home and Montmartre Tour, so that you can visit the famed-cabaret Moulin Rouge and also witness the paintings made by late Van Gogh. You may reserve your place in advance.

Tour the city during night

Try to learn about secret legends and haunting myths of Paris during night tour with “Sight-Seeker’s-Delight”. You along with eleven others can stroll through the Latin-Quarter and also learn about less glamorous history about the city and also hear eerie stories that are told by your guide. You will not only get much better understanding about the past of Paris, but also you will get inside knowledge on various historical events that very few others really know about Paris.

Explore the gastronomy

With “Flavours of Paris”, you can taste your way at the Latin Quarter. You will then head to local-artisan shops in order to get sample French cheese, handcrafted chocolates and fresh baguettes etc. During your 3.5-hour tour, all tasting will be included. In addition to that, you will also learn about the best cafes and restaurants of the city where you may visit during the rest of your stay in this city.

Discover Paris’ secrets

This guided tour will take you through various parts of Paris that most of other tours will not. Sure, and you can see few well-known sights, e.g. the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum but you will also get a 1st-hand look into few of the little-known spots of Paris. Each and every place in Paris has some story and with “Paris Charms & Secrets”, you can discover them just within 4 hours.

Wine Tour

You can also visit various wine-growing areas of France particularly if you are Wine Enthusiast, then you can tour with the “Paris Wine Day Tours”. You will be taken to a trip which is out of Paris for getting an authentic experience by visiting several vineyards between Burgundy and Loire Valley. You can improve your knowledge about French wines and at the same time you can taste local artisan pairing’s menu and also cheese.

Bike Tour

You can bike around the Paris, with Martin to get experience about the city like any local. Martin who is a self-proclaimed art lover and storyteller and also dazzle you with history of Paris and tell you many hidden secrets and, also about food. This tour of 3.5-hour is available in 4 languages and also include an electric bike-rental.

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