The must see attractions for tourists during the Bhutan tour

A holiday to Bhutan is the best place to visit and get some enjoyable time out of the stressful life. Due to the presence of wonderful mountains, is known as the mountaineer’s paradise. Another name of the city is land of thunder dragons. Along with mountains, Bhutan city is the house for the Bhutanese people who are known for their delicious cuisine and hospitality. One can visit beautiful monasteries and it is easy to spot Himalayas from here. To make Bhutan holiday more enjoyable, one can include some other areas like Gangtey, Thimpu and Paro. Just like Bhutan, these are also a big house for nunneries, mountains, valleys and one cannot stay away from the natural beauty. This is also a dream for the environmentalist. Do not avoid seeing the beautiful temples present in this area.

Due to presence of mountains, it is the best place for trekking. A lot of people come every year o Bhutan especially for trekking. As Bhutan is enriched with different treks or best Bhutanese treks in Himalayas, it is quiet difficult to choose among them. One can choose trek depending upon the total distance. One can have maximum of 25 days of trekking and minimum of 2-3 days. It depends on the trekker that whether they want to complete it and reach on the top or they come back to the ground floor from the middle of the trek.

Thimpu and Paro

The largest city of Bhutan is Thimpu. It is also the capital of Bhutan. The locals of the Bhutan are the culture follower and their culture can be seen in the literature religion, national dress and customs. The Bhutan is also famous for its Tsechu festival and is well known for their mask dances performed in the festival. This festival happens in the Autumn season and a lot of visitors visit to see this festival. Apart from the national assembly, Thimpu is the house of king of Bhutan. Do not forget to visit the special monuments and buildings. From this city, the visitors can purchase the textiles and handmade artifacts by the local Bhutanese. One cannot afford to exclude the monasteries and zoo from their trip but always make sure that you are properly dressed up to visit the monastery. The Paro is another city which greet the visitors by the beautiful sights of Himalayas.

Gangtey and Punaka

Both the cities are well populated and civilised with cultivation. In past times, it was quiet difficult to visit in these valleys due to the improper roads but as the roads are being developed now which is making it easier to visit in these valleys. Punaka is another beautiful place, which is a great place for picnic. One can have a picnic at the banks of punakchhu.

It is recommended not to forget to do the pre-booking of the hotel to stay in. As a large number of visitors visit every year especially in the seasons, so it is better to arrange the accommodation before visiting Bhutan.