The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

It may be true that yoga is growing in popularity all over the Western world, but the fitness trend has actually been in practice for thousands of years.  As a matter of fact, the first mention of yoga “practices” appeared in Vedic texts more than 5,000 years old. Still, some experts argue that  the philosophies associated with yoga might date back even twice as far, they just have not found the evidence to prove it, yet.

But while the exact date of the origin of yoga may be up for debate there is certainly an abundance of evidence to suggest that after all these years it is still effective for maintaining one’s health.  Indeed, people all over the world practice yoga as a means to reduce stress, regulate mood, relieve pain, and even to lose weight.  

Indeed, anybody who may be looking to improve their health—either physical or mental, or even both—might find the low-impact, low-stress approach to exercise and well-being a fine strategy.  Image result for The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s Physical Benefits

At any Euro-spa retraite de yoga you will quickly learn that the practice involves—and requires—focused breathing and stretching. However, this is more than just for invigorating or relaxing tired muscles.  Yes, yoga can actually encourage many benefits, including:

    • improve flexibility
    • build muscle strength
    • reduce body weight
    • regulate metabolism
    • reduce chronic pain
    • increase energy levels
    • improve cardiovascular health
    • reduce risk for physical injury
    • improve athletic performance
    • improve respiratory function
    • increase muscle tone
    • improve overall vitality

Yoga’s Mental Benefits
Of course, to improve physical health is important, but the greater benefit to the practice of yoga is how it can greatly improve your mental health, too.  Through yoga you might be able to stave off some chronic disease not because of higher vitality but with the discipline associated with better lifestyle management and a more positive state of mind.

When you practice yoga, then, you might expect to also enjoy:

    • improved mental clarity
    • increased sense of calm
    • lower chronic stress patterns
    • mental relaxation
    • sharper concentration
    • improved physical awareness
    • more focused attention
    • richer sense of calm