This Tip Will Extend the Life of Your Travel Trailer

RVs are fun to own and use, but they do require a certain expense to operate and maintain. Expenses are much less if you understand basic maintenance routines rather than waiting for an utter failure to determine how you can use your travel trailer on the road, and Del Air Co. & R.V. provides the regular service you need toward keeping your RV on the road without a problem.

Most Common Repair and Maintenance Issues

Hands down, your RV’s roof is the most common problem with continued maintenance. Water leaks are going to ruin the rest of your travel trailer, and the first line of defense is maintaining a great roof. This concept is inherently designed into your RV if you drive it regularly, but the RV should be stored under a carport roof if only used seasonally.

Another issue that may need to be addressed are your propane lines and generator capacity. Most RVs can are easy to keep up to date when maintenance issues arise, it’s simply an problem you must be prepared to handle. Alternatively, if you’re not capable of handling maintenance you could always contact a maintenance company to come to your rescue.

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