Tips for Kitchen Appliance Installation

Our homes provide an ideal canvass on which to express our individual tastes and personalities. Modern kitchen is not just the place where we cook and store the food. A lot of thought and consideration is about the style of living rooms and bedrooms, while kitchen renovation is often seen as purely functional project, though there is no reason why kitchen cannot be both practical and cozy area at the same time.

According to recent researches, kitchen renovation is in the list of top home improvements. On average, your kitchen renovation cost 15% of the value of your home of which we spent 30% on cabinets; 35% – on construction costs; 14% – on purchase of new appliances and appliance installation; and only 5% – on lighting and plumbing fixtures; 2- 3% – on paint; 1- 2% – on tiles, windows, flooring and labour.

Find more information about this 14% of white goods or kitchen appliances that set the style of your kitchen. The term ‘white goods’ commonly refers to large-formatkitchen appliances likedishwashers, fridges and washing machines. Actually, nowadays they do not have to be only white, but suit the whole kitchen design.Before buying and installation of your kitchen appliances consider of more factors than its colour: size, shape and functionality too.

Home overall designa colour scheme, general style- can continue even in your kitchen. Your new appliances should also blend with kitchen fixtures, the same way as you plannew kitchen pantry installation matching with your kitchen cupboards or counters.It is not a secret that even smaller appliances, liketoasters or kettles, can be chosen to suit kitchen crockery and cutlery.

Take into consideration size of new appliances to avoid domination of huge-sized newcomer in a moderately large kitchen. As you see, appliance installation is not only a technical process.

Of course, as well as looking stylish, your appliances should meetdesired practical requirements. Another increasingly important factor is their energy efficiency for both environmental and monetary motives. Installation of eco-friendly kitchen appliances can significantly increase your home’s functionality. Before appliance installation compare different products according to their energy efficiency ratings. Do not forget to read owner’s manuals before appliance installation and learn how to use them properly.