Tips for Successful Road Trips

Are you heading to Grandma’s house with a carload of kids for the holidays? You’re either counting the days with excited anticipation or you’re truly dreading the drive. Follow these tips from the experts for a smooth trip and forgo the road rage.  Car trips are a great way to bond with the family and create lasting, positive, memories.

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Flexibility is definitely warranted when driving over the holidays. If possible, leave a day or two before the heavy rush. Allow plenty of time. One trick many parents of young children have used for years is to begin the trip late at night allowing the kids to sleep through the better part of the trip. IF this is your plan, be sure to get plenty of rest the night before and switch drivers as least every two hours. Driving at night requires more concentration than driving during the day.

Plan age appropriate activities for the children to enjoy throughout the trip. When children and young teens stay glued to video games or movies for hours on end, you’re inviting crankiness upon arrival. Kids just don’t have the ability to quickly switch from passive entertainment to active engagement. Limit the movies to one per child. Word games, I spy games and story- telling are all fun and memorable games to play that are age appropriate for most children. Car trips are often feeding frenzies. Pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks. Limit the sugar consumption unless you want some very active kids for the duration of the tip. Have fun!