Top 4 Adventurous Attractions for your Phuket Tour

A tour of Phuket can just be the perfect vacation for adventure junkies who love lots of action. There are many attractions and places here where you can engage in a wide range of adventurous activities. Whether you are young or old, traveling alone or with family, the island offers many opportunities. Here are 4 attractions you would certainly want to visit.

1. Phuket Wake Park Cable Ski

Skiing isn’t as difficult as you may have thought of. People of all age can engage in skiing in Wake Park without worry about their safety. The place has experienced professionals to guide you. Even when you fall into the water, the safety gear and the professionals will keep you safe.

2. Tree Top Climbing

There are very few adventures that can be as challenging as tree climbing. At Phuket Tree Adventure, located near Wat Chalong, you can climb high trees, under professional guidance. These high-rising trees are a challenge to climb, but the good part is that everyone can scale them. There are different courses for adults and children.

3. Horse Riding

Whether you have any experience in horse riding or not, Phuket offers several riding clubs where you can practice it. People of all age groups can ride on a horse and spend their time out on the beach or beautiful grass, strolling around and exploring the beauty of Phuket tours. The two main horse riding attractions on the island are located in Bang Tao and Chalong.

4. Kart Racing

A tour of Phuket also gives you the opportunity to go kart racing. The experience is entirely different from riding a normal race car. Those aged 16 and above are allowed to participate in it, but younger kids can choose double karts. The cars are designed to seat you too close to the road and the experience is certainly once in a while thing. All the cars have safety protection and all participants are monitored.

So if you are planning a tour of Phuket and seeking some adventure, there are many more attractions on the island. If you explore more, you can find even more places allowing you to engage in adventurous pursuits. If you want to find more adventure spots on the island, make sure to check here.