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Top Europeriver Cruises

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Exploring Europe through its beautiful waterways is one of the most fascinating ways to appreciate the continental’s highlights. This short list give you some ideas of where to sail and which cruise liners to choose :

Seine River Cruise
Sein is a beautiful river that forms part of Paris’s charm. There are plenty option for Sein River Cruises ranging from classic sightseeing to cultural show with gastronomy dinner that reflects perfectly the highlights of French cuisine.

Ms Loire Princess
With the starting point from Nantes, home to many famous French artist, the river journey leads you to Loire, passing some of the most romantic landscapes of north France. The vessel can accommodate up to 96 passengers and navigating against the strong flows, offering some of the most signature experience of France where you can enjoy the local cuisine, tasting some of the famous wines the country has.
While the well-appointed cabins and its facilities ensure your comfort, shore excursions to Loire region – paradise of castles will surely excites your days.

Viking River Cruise
For those who are eager to uncover the splendor of France for the first time yet at a slow pace, the Viking Cruise for 8 days crossing Paris and Normandy is probably the best.  This cruise celebrates art, food, museums, customs and traditional workshops that you must see in France. It is also a perfect chance to savour Paris and Normandy cuisine.

Viking Astrild
A fantastic voyage on lesser-visited river of Elbe is a great treat for all cruise lovers. Embarking on Viking Astrild, you will be amongst 98 passengers to delve into the wild part of Europe, taking in the outstanding landmarks of Wittenberg, encounter the interesting attractions from Berlin to Prague.
Cabins are warmly decorated with Scandinavian touch.

Operated by Amawaterways, the Amaprima provides an exciting adventure along Danube river. The boat can host 148 people while during the Christmas even, the second vessel is added to bring 164 passengers.  These cruises chose the part from Netherland to Belgium to set sail.
The best experience they offer includes beer tastings, visiting historic breweries, beer expert-led discussions, and even a beer-pairing dinner.

Ms Savor
If you look for a family river cruise then Ms Savor is an ideal choice. Tauck Company had extended the navigation area from Danube to the Rhine, making Ms. Savor more interesting than before.
With occupancy of 118 passengers Ms. Savors offers not only the themed cabin but also lots of activities which are very family friendly.